Best Large Gun Safe

Best Large Gun Safe

Best Large Gun Safe

If you own a huge gun collection you understand the need to invest in the best large gun safe. Guns and their accessories are not necessarily cheap, they are expensive. From the weapon itself to the attachments or accessories you will want for it. Therefore, there is a need for you to secure this and your other valuables. 

Large gun safes are a storage facility for your weapons and their accessories, they ensure intruders do not get away with your valuables, and they also make sure inexperienced hands do not get a hold of them. We have reviewed the best ones on the market, angling mostly for long guns and rifles. However, some come with shelves that allow you to store your pistols or handguns. 

Here is a quick list of our favorites

#1) BARSKA Security Safe BARSKA Security Safe
#2) Kodiak Gun Safe for Rifles and Pistols Kodiak Gun Safe for Rifles and Pistols
#3) Hornady Rapid Safe Ready Vault with RFID Technology Hornady Rapid Safe Ready Vault with RFID Technology
#4) Heritage Security Products Heritage Security Products
#5) Wasatch Fireproof and Waterproof Safe Wasatch Fireproof and Waterproof Safe

#6) Stealth 23 Gun Safe EGS23

Stealth 23 Gun Safe EGS23



Best Large Gun Safe Reviews

#1) BARSKA Security Safe

BARSKA Security Safe- Best Large Gun Safe



This safe from Barska is the best large gun safe for a reason. If you hate having to keep remembering a complex pin code or where you kept your keys, then this is the gun safe for you. It is a biometric gun safe that can save up to 120 fingerprints and offers a secure way to secure your weapons. 

The safe comes with a whopping 16 position racks you can remove to personalize the safe. With the ability to store up to 12 rifles without any accessories attached, this safe is one of the best large gun safes the market has to offer. You also get three removable shelves that allow you to organize your accessories. What’s more, the safe’s interior is lined with a soft cloth to ensure your valuables stay scratch-free. 

It is built with high-quality steel with tamper-proof edges and pry-proof steel deadbolts promising the ultimate security of your belongings. 

Weighing at 139lbs, an intruder will get a hard time if they try to run away with the safe. Additionally, the safe comes with pre-punched mounting holes to allow anchorage of the safe in any place you want. It also comes with mounting hardware so you do not have to get mounting hardware. 


  • California DOJ approved
  • Saves up to 120 fingerprints
  • 16 removable position rifle racks
  • Removable shelves-(3)
  • Biometric Fingerprint scanner
  • A 5-point deadbolt system of locking
  • Can enable silent mode
  • Powered by 4 AA batteries-the batteries come with the safe
  • Comes with two backup keys, mounting hardware


  • Exterior dimensions- L -19.63″ x W-16″ x H-57″
  • Interior Dimensions- L -19.3″ x W-14.88″ x H-56.5″
  • Weight: 139 lbs
  • 14-gauge metal thickness



#2) Kodiak Gun Safe for Rifles and Pistols

Kodiak Gun Safe for Rifles and Pistols



This large capacity gun safe from Kodak is the best large gun safe you can invest in if you are looking to store more than 25 long guns. It has the capacity to store up to 30 long guns and four handguns or pistols. The safe comes with a standard door organizer that gives you more space to store your accessories. 

The safe comes with interior plush adjustable shelves and is pre-punched to allow you to install a dehumidifier. However, the dehumidifier is not included with the purchase of this gun safe. Additionally, it comes with pre-punched holes for the easy anchorage of the safe. With the safe weighing 350 lbs, mounting is a great option to have. 

Another great thing that comes with this safe is, it’s a fireproof safe. Fire-rated at 30 minutes at 1400°F of heat. The door seal is heat activated and expands whenever there is a fire to ensure the door edge is sealed keeping smoke and heat from getting into the safe. Housed in 2.00 mm of steel with steel plates that ensure the lock is protected from drill attacks, this safe promises to deliver the highest level of security. What’s more, an interior tamper-proof clutch is fitted for enhanced security. 


  • Can hold up to 30 long guns and 4 pistols/handguns
  • Comes fitted with a door organizer
  • Shelving is adjustable
  • Pre-punched for mounting and a dehumidifier
  • Fireproof safe with a 30 minute at 1400°F rating
  • Door and body made with thick steel
  • UL listed commercial grade electronic lock


  • Exterior dimensions- L -20″ x W-28″ x H-59″
  • Weight: 350 lbs





#3) Hornady Rapid Safe Ready Vault with RFID Technology



Hornady, a brand well known in the reloading kits world has also ventured into the gun safe business. By the look of their productions, they are good at gun safes too. If you are looking for the best large gun safe, you might want to consider this safe.

It comes with their patented RFID technology which is said to be faster than a biometric gun safe or a keypad. You get 4 RFID tags that can be programmed to effectively open the safe. The storage flexibility of this safe is unprecedented. It comes with interior metal peg walls that allow mounting of gun racks in various configurations. You can buy extra square-loks that allow you to organize the safe further

The safe’s housing is made of high-quality tamper-resistant steel with 5 locking lugs that ensure security for your weapons and other valuables. It also comes with pre-punched mounting holes so intruders can have a hard time trying to carry the safe away. 

A mechanical key is provided and a digital keypad fitted to offer extra methods of entry just in case one fails. 


  • RFID unlocking technology
  • Tamper-resistant steel housing
  • Interior metal peg walls
  • Mechanical key and digital keypad


  • Exterior dimensions- L -20″ x W-15.1″ x H-52.2” with an extra 1.7″ for the handle
  • Interior Dimensions- L -19″ x W-12.7″ x H-51.8
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • 16-gauge metal thickness




#4) Heritage Security Products

Heritage Security Products- Best Large Gun Safe



This is a waterproof and fireproof gun safe that has comes in two sizes, 25 gun capacity and 40 gun capacity,. It comes with an electronic lock that is backlit and also has an alarm-u function. A backup key is provided just in case the electronic mode of entry fails. 

The safe comes with external hinges that allow you to open the safe at a full 180-degree angle giving you unprecedented access. Fitted with a LED light bar, the safe provides visibility even in low lighting conditions. It also comes with USB ports that allow you to charge your valuables if you need to.  

For enhanced security, the safe comes with 3 deadbolts and   5 active locking bolts. 


  • Waterproof rating- 72 hours in 2 feet of water
  • Fireproof rating- 72 minutes at 1400F
  • Tapered bolts
  • Recessed door
  • External hinges
  • LED light bar
  • Electronic backlit lock
  • Comes with a backup key
  • USB ports you can use for charging


  • Dimensions- H-59″ x W-23.5″ x D-20.75″
  • Weight: 464 lbs
  • 12-gauge metal thickness


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#5) Wasatch Fireproof and Waterproof Safe

Wasatch Fireproof and Waterproof Safe



To protect your large weapon collection, you have to get this Wasatch Fireproof and Waterproof safe. It comes with easy-to-use features all the while offering the ultimate security for your valuables. 

It comes fitted with tapered bolts and a recessed door for enhanced protection of your guns. This 24- capacity gun promises to securely protect your weapons from inexperienced hands and unauthorized access. The electronic lock is fitted with the alarm u function while 1.5″ locking bolts ensure the safe is protected from theft. 

It is made with 12gauge steel which is 2mm of metal thickness. This means the safe is made with heavy-duty steel that is durable and enhances security. 


  • Electronic lock
  • 1.5-inch live-action bolts, three deadbolts
  • External hinges
  • Fireproof rating of 30 minutes in 1400°F of heat
  • Waterproof rating of 72 hours in 2 feet of water
  • Hardware for mounting


  • Interior Dimensions- H-51.46″ x W-20.43″ x D-14.06″
  • Weight: 464 lbs
  • 12-gauge metal thickness




#6) Stealth 23 Gun Safe EGS23

Stealth 23 Gun Safe EGS23-Best Large Gun Safe


The best large gun safe offers much more than storage space for your weapons, and this Stealth Gun safe is one of them. It comes with a UL-approved electronic lock that is high security. This lock ensures your valuables cannot be accessed by people you do not want accessing your valuables. 

It is a California DOJ-certified firearm safety device that is made with heavy-duty 14 gauge steel. It is also fitted with 8 locking bolts made from steel. This safe also comes with a molle door panel for organizing your accessories and a dual gun rack that has adjustable shelves. 

It has a fireproof rating of 30 minutes at 1200 degrees and the door seal expands in the event of a fire to ensure the smoke kept out. 


  • 23 gun capacity safe
  • Fireproof rating of 30 minutes at 1200 degrees
  • Locking bolts- 8 in number
  • Top and side shelves are adjustable
  • Pistol holsters, magazine pouch
  • A customizable door panel


  • Interior Dimensions- 56″ H x 21″ W x 12″ D
  • Weight: 293 lbs
  • 14-gauge metal thickness





What do We Consider when Looking for The Best Large Gun Safe

You can consider these factors to help you narrow down on the best large gun safe.


How many guns do you have? Answering this question helps you know the gun safe you need. Large gun safes come with different gun capacities. Some can hold up to 40 gurns while others hold 24 guns.

If you know you will increase your collection over time, consider getting a bigger capacity gun safe than the number of guns you have now. This saves you money as high-quality gun safes are not exactly cheap and getting an 18-capacity safe then later having to get a 24-capacity safe will cost you money.

Locking mechanism

Which locking mechanism do you prefer? The most common types of locks are

Biometric locks- These ones only allow you access if you scan a pre-saved fingerprint. They are the best if you want a quick access gun safe.

Keypad- They come with keypads that allow you to set a combination of numbers for access.

Then there is combination locks that come with both.


Gun safes are mostly made with steel. The difference is in the thickness of the steel used. If you have narrowed your list down to two large gun safes and everything else is the same except the steel thickness, take the one with a lower gauge number. For example, if you have a gun safe made with 16-gauge of steel and another one made with 12-gauge steel, take the 12-gauge steel as it is thicker than its counterpart. In other words, the lower the number, the thicker the steel used.


Fireproof and waterproof

As earlier mentioned, a high-quality large gun safe is not cheap. You can choose the best large gun safe that comes with a fireproof rating and a waterproof rating. Some large gun safes come with a 30-minute fire rating in 1400°F of heat while others offer much more time in higher degrees of heat. These ratings show that your gun safe will not only protect your guns against intruders and inexperienced hands but are also protected up to a certain level of heat or water. 



Get the best large gun safe for your weapons to safely secure them from damage but also to ensure you can use one if a situation arises. These large gun safes are one of the best you can spend your money on. 

We hope you like them as much as we do!




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