Reloading kits

5 Best Reloading Kits for Beginners

Reloading Kits for Beginners

Best Reloading Kits for Beginners

A hunting enthusiast, a competitive shooter, and a person who only shoots on the weekends have one thing in common, they will at one point start reloading their own ammo. Shooting is fun and exhilarating, but in the long run ammo costs can be high. Reloading cuts your ammo cost, increases ammo precision and accuracy, and can also be a hobby. Beginners can feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of reloading kits on the market today, they are one too many. In this review, we have compiled a list of the best reloading kits for beginners so your search can feel less tasking and more fun.

These reloading kits have proven time and again to be the best for someone who is learning. They come with the basic components you need to get you started and you can add the accessories you want as you go.

Here is a quick list

Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Press Kits Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Press Kits
RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit
LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press Kit LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press Kit
LEE PRECISION Anniversary Challenger Kit II LEE PRECISION Anniversary Challenger Kit II
RCBS Turret Reloading Presses RCBS Turret Reloading Presses



Best Reloading Kits for Beginners Review

#1) Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Press Kits

Hornady Lock-N-Load Classic Reloading Press Kits- Reloading Kits for Beginners



Hornady makes some of the best reloading kits for beginners and pros alike. You can never go wrong with a Hornady reloading kit. This classic reloading kit comes with two options the classic kit and the classic kit deluxe that is pricier. Focusing on the classic kit, it comes with all the important tools and features you need to get you started on reloading. 

They include: 

  • Chamfer & Deburr Tool
  • Reloading Handbook
  • Universal Reloading Block
  • Digital Scale
  • Handheld Priming Tool
  • Primer Catcher
  • Positive Priming System
  • Three Lock-N-Load Die Bushings
  • Case Lube- one shot
  • Lock-N-Load Powder Measure
  • Powder Funnel and Trickler

This is a beginner-friendly reloading kit that if well-taken care of, will last you a long time. It is crafted from high-quality material to make sure of that. Its reliability makes it one of the best reloading kits for beginners. 


  • Easy to operate for beginners
  • Durable and reliable
  • Comes with a digital scale
  • Comes with a reloading handbook


  • Shell holders are sold separately








#2) RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit

RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit



This is another highly recommended reloading kit for beginners. It comes with an ambidextrous handle that ensures both right and left-handed users are comfortable while using it. It also makes operation easy especially for a newbie. What’s more, it is lengthened to accommodate longer cartridge designs. 

This reloading kit’s versatility and exceptional strength make it one of the best reloading kits for beginners. 

What’s in the box: 

  • Hand Priming Tool
  • Rock Chucker Supreme Press
  • Powder Funnel
  • M500 Mechanical Scale
  • Case Lube Kit
  • Uniflow Powder Measure
  • Hex Key Set
  • Universal Case Load Block
  • .17-.60 Debur Tool

After going through the manual, you will notice this kit comes with all the important components you need to start reloading. However, the mechanical scale might prove difficult to use at the beginning, but as you progress, it gets easier. The advantage of this scale is the fact that it gives you almost the actual weight readings in comparison to the digital scale. 


  • Easy to operate
  • Powder changes are consistent
  • The kit comes with almost all reloading essentials
  • Ambidextrous handle


  • Many beginners prefer the digital scale







#3) LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press Kit

LEE PRECISION Classic Turret Press Kit-Reloading Kits for Beginners



This is a turret press that is ideal for reloading beginners. It is an upgrade from a single-stage press that is easy to use and comes with almost everything you need to get you started. With enough practice, this kit can produce more than 200 rounds per hour. 

Although not a top choice for a beginner, this reloading kit is ideal for rifle and pistol rounds but does exceptionally well with pistol rounds. An ambidextrous handle ensures comfort for every user while its cast-iron build makes it durable.


  • Small and large safety primer system
  • A turret press with auto-indexing
  • Safety powder scale
  • Auto-drum powder measure
  • Case length gauge that is cartridge specific
  • Case condition kit- large and small primer pocket cleaner, Lee case sizing lube, cutter, chamfer tool
  • Powder measure riser


  • Budget-friendly
  • Works well
  • Durable
  • Comfortable to use with its ambidextrous handle
  • Comes with a manual


  • Not ideal for large magnum cartridges







#4) LEE PRECISION Anniversary Challenger Kit II

LEE PRECISION Anniversary Challenger Kit II



This is a budget-friendly kit that introduces you to the reloading world. Most reloading enthusiasts have no kind words for it, but it is because it was made for beginners. You will want to upgrade to an advanced reloading kit as soon as you learn the ropes but it is a good kit to start with. 

It is an easy-to-use reloading kit for the newbie who does not want to spend too much money. It comes with a mechanical scale that is tedious to use in comparison to a digital scale but is also quite accurate. 

It is an okay kit to buy for a beginner.

It includes:

  • Safety Scale
  • Case sizing lube
  • Breech Lock Challenger Press
  • Chamfer tool
  •  Lock quick-change bushing
  • Powder funnel
  • Powder-handling system
  • Powder measure
  • Lee Safety Prime Small and Large Primer Feeder


  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • Quick die changes


  • Comes with a mechanical scale which might be challenging to a beginner







#5) RCBS Turret Reloading Presses

RCBS Turret Reloading Presses-Reloading Kits for Beginners



This is an ideal press for the beginner and intermediate loader. It comes with a 6-station turret head that allows you to load multiple die combinations and can easily work on three stages of reloading: priming, depriming, and sizing. This saves you a lot of time. 

As one of the best reloading kits for beginners, it is made using cast iron which ensures the kit serves you for a very long time. This reloading kit comes with a quick change tool head that increases efficiency when switching calibers. 

It is a turret press that gives you value for your money. 

It includes:

  • Primer Catcher
  • Six-station turret head
  • Safety tube
  • Standard Shell Holders 
  • Standard 7/8 inch-14 threads


  • Built to last
  • Comes with an ambidextrous handle
  • Six-station turret head
  • Quick change tool head


  • The first set up can be difficult for a beginner
  • Does not come with an auto-indexing feature




Reloading Kits for Beginners Must-Haves

There are a couple of components a reloading kit should have before you settle on one:

  • A Manual– As a beginner, you don’t have the wealth of knowledge reloading pros have. A manual gives you a lot of reloading information for your specific reloading kit to help you get started. Things like the correct loads of powder to each caliber and bullet weight are important to know
  • Reloading press– Well, of course, this is the main item that needs to be in the kit. Reloading presses  come in three different types:

Single-stage press: This is a press best suited for a beginner as it has fewer moving parts and it is sometimes considerably cheaper than the other types. Since it only performs one function at a time, it is said to produce more precise ammunition.

Turret press: This is an upgraded version of the single-stage press but pricier. It can produce more rounds than the single-stage press. Although ideal for intermediate loaders, beginners can also use them to get into reloading. 

Progressive press: These presses are for experienced reloaders who want to mass produce ammo. With practice, they can produce more than 800 rounds per hour. However, they are pricier than the 2 types of presses above. 

  • Calipers– This can either be indicating or digital. What calipers do is measure the length of your bullets. Because bullet lengths are standardized, with minimum and maximum lengths provided, you need to ensure your bullet’s overall length does not exceed or fall below the provided parameters. This makes sure they work safely. 
  • Primer tray– This ensures all your primers turn in the same direction.
  • A powder scale– Measuring powder for the bullet you choose to load is highly recommended. You don’t want to put less powder or too much powder into your ammo. Load what is recommended for better results.  


Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Reloading Kits for Beginners

Quality– The quality of a press is very important. The ideal press should last you a very long time. Buy a reloading kit that is crafted from high-quality material that ensures you are not always on the market looking for a reloading kit. Some of the best reloading kits cost a pretty penny, so ensure your money’s worth. 

Accessories– What’s in the box? The ideal reloading kit for a beginner is one that comes with all the major components you need to get you started on reloading. The quality of these accessories should also be excellent as you don’t want to keep replacing accessories each and every time you want to reload. That can be expensive.  Apart from these components, keep in mind that you may need to get a reloading bench that does not come with reloading kits. 

Types of reloading kit- As explained, there are 3 types of reloading kits. Single-stage presses are beginner-friendly while progressive presses produce more rounds and are expensive. Some turret presses are also great for beginners as they are easy to operate and produce more ammo than single-stage presses but less than progressive presses.

Price– As a beginner, you are most likely going for the cheapest reloading kit on the market. While that might be a good strategy, it doesn’t always pay off. A cheap reloading kit that keeps breaking down every time you use it will most certainly frustrate you. Try to balance between an inexpensive reloading kit with good quality. 



 Reloading kits for beginners can range from single-stage presses to progressive presses. However, the ones highly recommended are single-stage presses. In this review, we have included single-stage and turret presses to help you in your quest for settling on the best reloading kits. They are reloading kits that have proven to be great at reloading and come highly recommended. All of them have their pros and cons so you can weigh them against each other to settle on the best.