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Top 7 Best Table Tennis Tables

Best Table Tennis Tables .Tennis Ball Tables Reviews

Best Table Tennis Tables

Physical and mental health is important especially in the current world we are living in. Table tennis is not only fun, even for recreational players, but it also increases your mental and physical stamina. It helps you stay active. The best table tennis tables help you in achieving this goal by giving you high functionality and performance.

 Let’s get to the table tennis tables

Best Table Tennis Tables Reviews


STIGA Advantage Competition

STIGA Advantage Competition- Best Table Tennis Tables



The STIGA Advantage Competition is among the best table tennis tables on the market today. It comes with a 16mm thickness which means you will get a good ball bounce. It comes in a blue tabletop which is repeatedly painted and then UV cured to give it a smooth and consistent playing surface.  

With this table, you get two independent halves that you can use for other things. Additionally, for easy storage, the two halves nest into each other to make sure they use the smallest space possible for storage. The net is 72 inches and comes with tension adjustment for optimal tautness. It is easy to remove and install the net due to its clam-style attachment.

A spring-loaded safety latch system ensures your table won’t unexpectedly open.


  • Comes 95% pre-assembled
  • Independent two halves
  • Multi-purpose tables
  • 16mm thickness
  • A spring-loaded safety latch system



Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table 

Kettler Outdoor Table Tennis Table 



As one of the best table tennis tables, the Kettler Outdoor is a 22 mm thick table tennis table built with multi-layer materials like aluminum, wood, and their own patented ALU-TEC technology. Due to its thickness, it delivers exceptional bounce and is not damaged from high-impact play. It is an outdoor table tennis table ideal for campsites or if you are hosting a barbecue or any outdoor area you want to have fun at.

The waterproof top and the patented Alu-Tec climate control on the table’s underside protect the table from various weather conditions. Its 2-inch powder-coated galvanized steel legs that are also corrosion and UV resistant give this table a strong upright position. These are very important features for an outdoor table.

A patented safety-fold dual lock ensures the table won’t unexpectedly open or close during storage or in play. It also has a playback feature to allow you to play solo. Additionally, dual-wheeled casters provide easy transport and storage.


  • 22 mm of thickness
  • Waterproof top and patented ALU-TEC climate control on the table’s underside which protects the table from weather damage
  • Galvanized steel legs that are corrosion and UV resistant
  • Built with high-quality durable construction
  • Outdoor table tennis table
  • Dual-wheeled casters
  • An anti-glare tabletop



JOOLA Rally TL – Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

JOOLA Rally TL - Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table


The Joola Rally TL comes in three different thicknesses, 15mm, 18mm, and 25mm all with different prices. We are going to review the 18 mm option but you can get either of the others as their main difference is the thickness.

The 18 mm thickness gives the ball a good bounce while the charcoal tabletop which features silk-screened white striping gives it a durable and consistent playing surface.  It is supported by powder-coated sturdy steel legs that have rubber leg levelers. Rubber leg levers enable you to adjust the table’s height to your preference ad ensure your floors remain scratch-free.


HEAD Summit USA Table Tennis Seamless Folding Table with Competition Grade Net

HEAD Summit USA Table Tennis Seamless Folding Table with Competition Grade Net



The HEAD Grand Slam Tennis Table gives you endless fun with friends and family. As one of the best table tennis tables, this table comes with two independent halves that fold up and nest together for storage. It also comes with a deluxe ball retriever that can hold up to 12 balls.

Steel frames are powder coated and rust resistant to deliver durability and value for your money. It also features 1.125 inches of steel tube aprons or warping resistance.

Portability has been made easy by 3-inch caster smooth-rolling wheels and a foldable design. This Table tennis table is ideal for any office break room, basement, or even a rec room.


JOOLA NOVA – Outdoor Table Tennis Table with Waterproof Net Set

JOOLA NOVA - Outdoor Table Tennis Table with Waterproof Net Set



Another Joola tennis table makes an appearance on our best table tennis tables review. The Joola Nova- Outdoor Table Tennis Table. Joola has proven time and again that it manufactures high-quality products for all playing levels. They even have tables under 300 USD for anyone who does not want to spend more than that on a table tennis table. 

It comes with independent halves that come with 4 separate 4-wheel trolley systems. This makes transport and storage very easy. You can even play solo as it can be used in the playback position. Additionally, you can separate the tables and use it for other purposes. 

The Joola Nova features adjustable leg levelers and caster wheels. These are necessary when playing on uneven terrain and caster wheels help in easy movement on any surface. 


  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Castor wheels
  • Weatherproof net and post-net
  • Automatic anti-tilt locking devices
  • Separable halves


Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor Table Tennis Table- Best Table Tennis Tables



As one of the best table tennis tables, The Butterfly Playback is a high-quality table with a rust-resistant frame and wheels that rotate. It is foldable so it is easy to transport and store.

This ping pong table is highly recommended for garage use and it comes with an easy to assemble the net set and you don’t even need to remove it when you fold the table. It comes with accessory holders on each side and each holder is capable of holding 2 tennis ball rackets and 4 balls. 


  • Rustproof frame
  • Accessory holders
  • A foldable one piece
  • Weatherproof net set
  • Rotating wheels



What do you consider?

Do you really need a table tennis table? This question can only be answered by considering the following:

The standard size of a full-sized tennis table is about 9ft x 5ft and you need about a meter on all sides to play comfortably. This important to consider especially for an indoor table. If you don’t have enough space indoors, you can get outdoor table tennis instead.


How much money are you willing to spend on a table tennis table? Even though sometimes the price does not necessarily translate to quality, most times, it does!

Cheap table tennis

You might be tempted to think any table tennis table is a good table tennis table. That is not necessarily true. Research has shown tables that are 12 mm thick or less do not give the ball a good bounce and they are mostly the cheapest tables. If you are on a shoestring budget, a 16 mm thick table is recommended. They do not give an exceptional ball bounce but are a major improvement from the 12 mm tables.  The ideal thickness on a table tennis table is 19mm onwards.

Thickness is a very important variable in regards to a table tennis table.

A competition standard table is around 25mm, A table tennis good for clubs is 22mm which gives a good bounce, a 19 mm is ideal for home and outdoor use, A 16 mm is what you get if you are really on a tight budget but the bounce is not as great, 12 mm thickness table is the cheapest and it gives you a terrible bounce.


Best Table Tennis Tables FAQs

Can I play alone on a table?

Yes. Get a foldable table tennis table that has a playback option like the picture below

playback postion


What is the difference between the most affordable and most expensive table tennis tables?

A superior table gives you value for your money. It delivers exceptional bounce quality and great additional features that you wouldn’t get from just any table. This table is considered the most expensive. Most affordable table tennis tables are tables that can be considered budget-friendly. They are functional but do not offer as much as expensive table tennis tables. 



You want to get value for your money. The best table tennis tables offer just that! We hope this guide helps you find the best table tennis table you possibly can.

Have fun!