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Top 6 Best Reloading Press Kits on the Market

Best Reloading Press Kits on the Market

Best Reloading Press Kits on the Market

Many Hunters and shooters have taken up reloading as a way of reducing cost or as a hobby. Whatever your reasons are, reloading your own ammunition has its own advantages. Apart from cutting on costs, you can increase your reliability and accuracy. A reloading press kit is an expensive but worthy investment and you need to get the best reloading press kits on the market

The market is flooded with varieties of reloading press kits and it is of utmost importance that you get a press kit that works for you and your needs. 

This review compiles the best reloading press kits on the market to help narrow down your search. 

We have reloading presses for all skill levels.

Best Reloading Press Kits on the Market review

The first reloading press kit is the…

Dillon Precision 16940 XL 650 223 Progressive Auto 

Dillon Precision 16940 XL 650 223 Progressive Auto - Best Reloading Press Kits on the Market

The best reloading press kits on the market are efficient and of high quality. The Dillon precision 650XL stands out amongst its peers for its high performance and high quality. It comes with a lot of essential accessories and component feeders. 

It is a highly recommended progressive press kit and it has the capability of producing rounds in thousands per hour. It is designed to be able to load both handguns and rifles. 

This premium product is of high quality and exceeds your expectations. Its robust and sturdy construction ensures durability and it can withstand the test of time.  It comes with a five-station loader, mechanically inserted cases, automatic indexing, quick-change tool heads, mechanically indexed shell plate, and manually fed bullets.

These premium features, tools, and accessories do not come cheap, this reloading press kit is quite expensive. On the brighter side, you will be able able to produce massive rounds per hour.  


  • A powder measurer that is automatic. 
  • A robust and sturdy construction.
  • Can load both a handgun and a rifle.



Lyman T-Mag Turret Press

Lyman T-Mag Turret Press



As one of the best reloading press kits on the market, this Lyman T-Mag Turret Press is ideal for intermediate reloaders who want an easy to operate and lightweight reloading kit. It is a top reloading brand that is very easy to use and maintain. 

It features an iron frame that has a rustproof finish and robust construction that ensures durability. A six-station turret head allows for simple switching between dies. 

This reloading kit is capable of producing high-quality 200-300 rounds per hour that are also accurate. However, this kit does not come with dies, priming is manual, not automatic and the catcher tray is thin plastic. 


  • The handle is ambidextrous.
  • Six-station turret head.
  • The iron frame has a rustproof finish.
  • Works for rifle and pistol cartridges.
  • Includes a primer catcher and priming arm.



Hornady Lock N’ Load

Hornady Lock N’ Load



An EZject system, a case-activated powder, and the quick-change technology make this reloading kit one of the best reloading press kits on the market. It increases your reloading efficiency. The Hornady Lock N’ Load features a case-activated powder that only releases powder when a case is attached to the holder.

The EZJect system ejects cartridge after completion without jamming but what really makes this reloading kit one of the best reloading press kits on the market is the quick-change technology that makes changing dies easy with just a single twist. 

The auto-indexing and five-station features really simplify the overall reloading process making it easy and fun! It is a reloading kit that gives you a smooth transition from your single-stage press and can work with several calibers. 

This Hornady lock n’ load is ideal for the experienced reloader who has already gotten the hang of reloading.


  • A universal bullet retainer spring, case-activated powder drop, Lock n’ load bushing design, large multi-round hopper, EZJect system, auto-indexing, quick-change system
  • Robust and sturdy construction ensuring durability.
  • Case-activated drop ensures neatness through the process.





RCBS Turret Press

RCBS Turret Press




The RCBS Turret press is one of the best reloading press kits on the market for the intermediate reloader. It features a six-station turrets head that allows you to have several die combinations and you can also work on priming, depriming, and sizing of the reloading process. 

To ensure durability, this press features a cast iron design that ensures longevity and value for your money. Still, on the features, a quick change tool makes changing between calibers efficient. 

What’s more, the handle makes it possible for both left-handed and right-handed people to comfortably use the press.  You can even use it in single-stage mode or progressive mode.  

Notable downsides to this reloading press are, setting up for the first time can be complex, does not feature auto-indexing and its maximum round production is 50-200 hourly. 


  • Can be used by both left and right-handed people.
  • Six-station loader.
  • Cast iron frame.
  • A quick-change tool head



Lee Precision Load Master 45

Lee Precision Load Master 45



As one of the best reloading press kits on the market, the Lee Precision Load Master 45 is an affordable progressive press that gives you all the premium features you will need to reload.

The five progressive stations make it possible for you to carry out five functions all at once. You can even produce more than 350 rounds per hour if you have practiced enough. The removable turret head makes it easy to switch from caliber to caliber while a powder measure system ensures your workplace is neat and minimizes.

This press kit also has a frame that is lightweight and it is also compatible with an extensive number of die sizes. This is a perfect reloading kit for a beginner who wants to transition to a better system. 

It is worth noting that this reloading kit has a few downsides. It is prone to jamming and you can have some problems with seating primers. 


  • Five stations.
  • A detachable turret head.
  • A cast aluminum body.
  • A powder measure system 
  • A quick-change tool head. 



Redding Big Boss 2

Redding Big Boss 2



The Redding Big Boss 2 is a top-of-the-line single-stage press that comes with features that make it stand out amongst its peers.  Offset by 36 degrees, the cast iron O-frame ensures visibility is increased to allow you to work with all size cartridges. The 3.8″ ram stroke is not only usable but also one of the longest ram strokes in any single-stage press. 

These features are very useful considering this reloading press kit was uniquely made for larger cartridges. As one of the best reloading press kits on the market, this single-stage press kit increases your ammunition’s reliability and accuracy and is ideal for gunsmiths who are into long-range shooting. 

The problem with this press kit is it does not feature the quick-change die technology.

The quality of the Redding Big Boss 2 makes it pricier than your average single-stage press kit but its features and durability make it a worthy investment. 


  • A ram stroke that is 3.8″
  • Cast iron frame
  • O-frame



Factors to consider when choosing the Best Reloading Press Kits on the market

A reloading press kit is an expensive investment and you should ensure you settle on a good one. Doing extensive research is very important so you can et a press kit specific to your needs. 

Some of the questions you need to ask yourself:

a) Do you want to mass-produce ammunition?

b) What is your budget?

c)  What caliber do you mostly use?

Price and Skill Level

The progressive press kit is expensive and ideal for experienced reloaders. That is the professionals and experts who want to mass produce rounds. 

For Beginners and intermediate reloaders, the turret press is ideal. It is more expensive compared to the single-stage press but production levels are greatly increased.  It only requires patience and practice.

The single-stage press kit is the cheapest press and is ideal for the beginner with a tight budget. It is also the go-to press for really accurate ammunition. 

Brand and Warranty

The best reloading press kits on the market have great reviews, longer warranties, and come from trusted brands. Reloading press kits are not exactly cheap and you want to get value for your money. Long-term investment requires you to do research extensively on the brand you want.

On warranty, if a brand promises a lifetime warranty but it takes them an insane amount of time to repair or replace a piece, then that warranty is practically meaningless. Dillon comes highly recommended on its customer service and has great feedback.


Volume of Production

A progressive reloading press kit is capable of producing rounds in thousands per hour. They are also the most expensive reloading presses on the market. A progressive press doesn’t have much room for error and if you do not have the experience, using it it can be somehow complicated. If you only shoot once a week or you don’t shoot regularly, getting a progressive press is really not practical.

For the beginner or the intermediate reloader, a turret press is ideal. They are not as expensive as the progressive press and are capable of producing 100-500 rounds hourly.  You can also equip them with accessories to ensure an increase in production rates. 


Gun Types

What type of guns do you want to reload? if you are loading rifle rounds a good single-stage press is ideal. Its loading style is steady and slower which ensures the accuracy of ammunition. This is perfect for long-range shooting. 

If you are loading handguns, high clearance for cartridges that are longer should not really concern you when settling for a press kit.  




We have reviewed the best reloading press kits on the market. They have proven to be the best in the business and are highly recommended. With a variety to choose from, we guarantee you that you will find the best from this review!