Best Leupold Scope For AR15

Best Leupold Scope For AR15 The AR15 is a very popular rifle with the National Shooting Sports Foundation estimating that nearly 15 million are owned by civilian shooters. Due to this incredibly huge number, the market is flooded with all kinds of aftermarket accessories, including scopes. This makes finding the right optic for your AR15 feel a little overwhelming. However, if you have already narrowed it down to a particular brand, and the brand is Leupold, this review is for you. You will most certainly find the best Leupold scope for AR15 here.  We have listed the best six with

What States are Collapsible Batons Legal

What States are Collapsible Batons Legal? Collapsible batons, also known as expandable batons are non-lethal weapons that can be used for many things including self-defense, used while hiking, or to stop a perpetrator from running from the police. They are budget-friendly and offer a great weapon for home self-defense and are easy to use. Collapsible batons are effective, easy to hide, and can be discrete. However, there are some states that do not allow their use unless you are a law enforcement officer on duty.  In what states are collapsible batons legal? Different states have different laws for their residents

Best Red Dot Scope For Coyote Hunting

Best Red Dot Scope For Coyote Hunting Red dot scopes or sights were originally designed for war but have gained popularity among hunting enthusiasts over the years. Technology has made it possible for red dots to be easily accessible, affordable, and more importantly, practical. Due to this, manufacturers have consistently put out red dot scopes with different specifications and prices. This means the market has become flooded with all sorts of red dot scopes. So, which one is the best red dot scope for coyote hunting? Red dot scopes allow for swift aiming and shooting, making them one of the

Best Backpacking Backpacks Under $150

Best Backpacking Backpacks Under $150 Backpacking gear has the reputation of being quite expensive which makes people avoid them all together. A backpacking backpack can go for $300 or more depending on the brand and even though it might be a high-quality backpack, this price point locks out very many people. To fill this gap, manufacturers have started making high-quality backpacks for a budget-friendlier price. We are going to look at the best backpacking backpacks under $150 to show you that you can easily get a strong and durable backpack at a good price.  Here are our favorites PRODUCT IMAGE

Best Backpacking Backpacks Under $200

Best Backpacking Backpacks Under $200 Over the years, the technology of making backpacks has greatly evolved with manufacturers now leaning towards a comfortable and ergonomic design. The best backpacking backpacks under $200 on today’s market are comfortable, functional, and reliable. They are made to simplify backpacking and to make movement easy. We no longer have to carry unevenly distributed weight on our shoulders just because we love the outdoors. For this reason, the market is filled with all sorts of different backpacks and it might be a little tiresome to get the best.  We have compiled a list of our

Best Tactical Backpack Under $100

Best Tactical Backpack Under $100 Any outdoor enthusiast will most certainly agree with me when I say a tactical backpack is one of the most important things you will need if you are going for outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, or any other outdoor excursion. Tactical backpacks have gained popularity over the years for the fact that they are roomy enough for your items while also durable enough to withstand extreme conditions. It is therefore not a surprise that the best tactical backpack under $100 should be extremely durable, functional, and reliable.  We have compiled a list of some of

9 Best High End Rifle Scopes- [A Comprehensive Review]

Best High End Rifle Scopes Technology has advanced most, if not all, of the equipment, used the world over, and rifle scopes have not been left behind. In this review, we look at some of the best high end rifle scopes on the market. High end rifle scopes offer more than the average rifle scope but their prices might make your heart pump a little faster than usual. The prices however come with an enhanced and improved hunting experience you probably might never have experienced. These scopes are show stoppers in every sense of the word and are revered amongst

Best Fishing Slingshot Kits

Best Fishing Slingshot Kits Fancy a fun-filled fishing experience? Are you looking forward to your next fishing experience? Then you need the best fishing slingshot kits to ensure you get out of the water happy and excited. When it comes to fishing, owning a dependable slingshot kit makes a difference in your fishing experience.  A fishing slingshot is an important add-on to your fishing gear as it not only makes fishing fun and easy, it takes your experience to the next level. The fishing slingshot technology has evolved to modern and easy-to-use slingshots and the market has a wide range

Best Military Backpack for Hiking

Best Military Backpack for Hiking A backpack is the first thing you get when planning for a hike. It acts as a “one-stop-shop”  for all the things you will need on your hike. A military backpack, also commonly referred to as a tactical backpack, is a backpack you want to invest in. The best military backpack for hiking is more than just a means to carry your gear, it is a backpack made with durable and high-quality material that can withstand abrasions while in use.  These backpacks come with more compartments than the average backpack which allows you to meticulously

Best Air Guns for Self Defense

Best Air Guns for Self Defense Air guns are mostly ideal for small and medium game hunting or even pest control. They are not always used for self-defense but what happens if you find yourself in danger and an air gun is all you have? It might help in scaring away an intruder or even immobilizing them. Even though they are not as lethal as the average tactical gun, air guns have been known to come to your aid in case you need protection. The best air guns for self defense help you in your time of need and can