Best Tactical Gun Safe

Best Tactical Gun Safe

Best Tactical Gun Safe

Owning a tactical gun comes with the responsibility of making sure it is stored safely. It is part of the responsibilities of a gun owner. If you are a gun enthusiast who owns a collection of tactical guns, then you understand the need to get the best tactical gun safe you possibly can. But which one is the best for your collection?

Tactical guns come with unique storage requirements, you can not just store them carelessly. This means that the safe you get needs to be able to store your tactical weapons safely without exposing the weapon or weapons to damage. Even though the primary purpose of a safe is deterring unauthorized access to your tactical weapons, getting the best gun safe for them complements this responsibility.  

Here is a quick list of our favorite tactical gun safes 

#1) Secure It Gun Storage Agile Ultralight Gun Safe Secure It Gun Storage Agile Ultralight Gun Safe
#2) VAULTEK RS Series-RS500i VAULTEK RS Series-RS500i
#3) Stack-On Tactical Fire Resistant Security Safe Stack-On Tactical Fire Resistant Security Safe
#4) Rifle Safe Gun Safe Quick Access Rifle Safe Gun Safe Quick Access




#1) Secure It Gun Storage Agile Ultralight Gun Safe

Secure It Gun Storage Agile Ultralight Gun Safe- Best Tactical Gun Safe



SecureIt is a company well known for producing gun safes of the highest quality. As one of the best, if not the best tactical gun safe, this Agile Model 52 gun safe is a cut above the rest in its group. It weighs less than traditional gun safes but it’s stronger and more durable than them. Its weight means you can easily move it around your house.

This gun safe is fitted with a keypad control panel that comes with an additional key for backup access. 

What is unique about this gun safe is the CradleGrid technology that is SecureIt’s own. It is a technology that allows you to easily adjust and organize the storage of your tactical guns. What this means is, you don’t have to keep re-zeroing your scope every time you get it out of the safe, the safe can easily store your scoped rifle. This technology protects your firearm against damage as the firearms stored do not bump against each other. The best part? You don’t even need tools to do it. 

This safe is fashioned using heavy-duty steel with a back panel grid that ensures you can get to the firearm you want without having to move the others. This organization means can easily keep up with your inventory just by looking inside the safe. It also means you know what you have placed where in case you need to access it quickly. 


  • Three stock bases
  • Six cradles- bungees included
  • A door organizer (1)
  • CradleGrid technology- Technology that deeply respects your firearms
  • Made with heavy-duty steel
  • A keypad control panel
  • Three stock bases provided
  • Lightweight yet sturdy and durable



  • Easily stores scoped rifles without them banging against each other. This eliminates the need to re-zero
  • Meticulous organization means you can visually keep up with your inventory
  • You can easily access your firearm without having to move the other guns
  • It is a lightweight but sturdy tactical gun safe


  • Expensive





#2) VAULTEK RS Series-RS500i

VAULTEK RS Series-RS500i



If you are looking for the best tactical gun safe, this Vaultek RS500i is what you are looking for. It can comfortably store up to 6-8 handguns, an ideal safe for the office or home. 

It is made with 14-gauge carbon steel using exceptional techniques with the finish getting a powder coat that prevents corrosion and enhances durability. With progressive anti-theft features like py-resistant bars, impact detection, four locking bolts, and interior ruggedized hinges, this safe is one of the best gun safes for your tactical guns. It is a safe commited to break-in prevention. 

What’s more, this safe saves up to 20 fingerprints on high resolution so the failure rate is almost none. This biometric lock safe comes with an 8-digit keypad that auto-illuminates and is also fitted with a proximity sensor. Additionally,  it is WiFi-enabled so you can easily operate it using the WiFi smartphone app and online dashboard that allows you to get alerts instantaneously, the safe’s history log, get to know the safes interior temperature and humidity and do much more. 

Its back panel is core perforated to allows you to mount magnetic accessories while the LED lighting provides visibility in case of darkness. 


  • Can store 5-7 handguns and 4-6 rifles
  • Dimensions: Interior dimensions: 53.25″ L,13.75″ W, 9.75″ Deep   Exterior: 55″LX14″WX11.7″Deep
  • 14-gauge carbon steel and powder coated for corrosion prevention
  • Pry-resistant bars, interior ruggedized hinges, locking bolts, impact detection
  • A biometric scanner that saves up to 20 fingerprints in high resolution
  • 8-digit keypad with a proximity sensor
  • WiFi adaptable
  • Twin holster and three barrel mounts


  • You can monitor the safe via your smartphone
  • Great rifle and gun capacity
  • Well thought out anti-theft features
  • Made from high-quality material
  • It is a quick access gun safe
  • You can customize the interior with additional accessories you can buy


  • Expensive


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#3) Stack-On Tactical Fire Resistant Security Safe

Stack-On Tactical Fire Resistant Security Safe



This fireproof gun safe is one of the best tactical gun safes on the market today. It comes fitted with a 3-8 digit combination electronic lock that is backlit in case you are accessing the safe in a dimly lit room or a dark room. A steel plate that is drill-resistant is placed behind the lock as an extra anti-theft feature. The electric keypad can also be silenced for stealth mode if need be.

Additionally, this safe features a four-way door locking that has 10 locking points- 7 1.5-inch locking bolts and 3 1inch deadbolts. It is a safe that was made with the ultimate security in mind. What’s more, the center shelf can be adjusted and the center section comes with barrel rests that are adjustable for your convenience. 

This gun safe is specifically designed for the storage of MSRs and it is fitted with MSR barrel rests that are adjustable to conveniently store different barrel lengths. A stock rest is fitted to ensure there is a barrier between the guns. It is also fitted with a door organizer with pouches and repositionable holsters for extra storage space. 



  • 30-minute fireproof space at up to 1400° F
  • Electronic lock
  • A drill-resistant steel plate behind the lock for extra security
  • The Centre shelf is adjustable
  • Fitted with a door organizer
  • A keypad that you can silence
  • Shelves are adjustable- six in number
  • Stock rests are made with high-density foam
  • Comes with mounting hardware


  • It is a fireproof safe
  • Comes with adjustable shelves
  • California-approved firearm safety device
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Expensive




#4) Rifle Safe Gun Safe Quick Access

Rifle Safe Gun Safe Quick Access- Best Tactical Gun Safe


This is a budget-friendly option in comparison to the three best tactical gun safes we have reviewed. We can say it is among the best tactical gun safe for its price-friendliness and its features. 

One, it is a large-capacity rifle with the ability to safely store up to 4-6 scoped rifles easily. What’s more, it is deep enough for you to have handgun organizers or pistol hangers for a more organized space. This safe is also fitted with an ammunition cabinet that you can store jewelry, bullets, and other valuables. 

This is a quick access safe that comes with a fingerprint reader which saves up to 125 fingerprints. Placing your recorded fingerprint on the reader only takes 2 seconds for the safe to open. This is very important detail comes in handy in emergency situations. By turning off the buzzer tone, the safes alarm will beep if three incorrect attempts are made at accessing the safe. 

Housed in thick long-lasting, pry-resistant steel, this safe is fitted with 5 live-locking bolts for enhanced safe security. Its black rocky finish gives it an executive appearance so it easily blends onto any professional space. 

The safe comes pre-drilled for ease of mounting so you can easily mount it on your wall or hide it away in your closet. 


  • Can store up to 4-6 rifles
  • Features an ammo cabinet
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Beeps after three entries that are incorrect
  • Made with high-quality steel
  • Live-locking bolts-(5)
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • 2 keys for emergency


  • It is a budget-friendly tactical gun safe
  • Comes pre-drilled for mounting
  • Silent Mode is available
  • It is a quick access gun safe


  • Not ideal for long barrel guns
  • The interior lockbox is not removable



Best Tactical Gun Safe FAQs

What is the best gun safe for the money?

The best gun safe for the money entirely depends on what you want from your safe. Is it to quickly access your home defense weapon? Is it to safely store your gun without the need to quickly access it? If the answer to these both questions is yes, then the Vaultek VT20i is one of the best. It is a reasonably priced biometric gun safe that comes with premium features. 

What company makes the best gun safe?

There are many companies that make the best gun safes on the market. They include:

1) SecureIt

2) Vaultek

3) Liberty safe

4) American Security (AMSEC)


What is the best bedside gun safe?

Best bedside gun safes include:

  • Best Biometric bedside guns safe- SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe
  • Best Compact Bedside gun safe- Stealth Biometric Handgun Hanger Safe
  • Best Overall bedside gun safe- VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun

If you are looking for the best bedside fingerprint gun safe, we have a review for you. 

Top 6 Best Bedside Fingerprint Gun Safe



What do we consider when looking for the Best Tactical Gun Safe?

Size– This is an important consideration. If you have a good number of tactical weapons you will need a safe that can house them all comfortably. With tactical weapons requiring unique storage, you need to invest in a good gun safe that can comfortably store them. 

If you can, go for a size larger just in case you add on to your collection. The best tactical gun safe is not cheap, so getting the ideal size for your guns is highly recommended. 

Build Quality– The best tactical gun safe is built with the highest quality material. Most gun safes are made of steel, mostly described by “gauge”, which shows the standard thickness of the steel used. As the gauge number goes up, the thickness goes down, meaning a 12 gauge steel gun safe has thicker steel than a 16-gauge steel gun safe which translates to better quality. 

Another feature found in the best gun safes is a customizable interior which makes it easier for you to store your weapons however you prefer. 

Locking Mechanism– Gun safes come with different locking mechanisms. Digital keypads are the most common with biometric lock safes becoming more popular and affordable. Depending on what you require from your safe, you can get a biometric safe that also has a keypad in case the fingerprint scanner fails. 

Mounting– Tactical weapons can be heavy due to the accessories and sights attached. This prompts the need to bolt down your safe securely. Also mounting ensures an intruder cannot just carry it away from your house/office. Get a safe that comes with pre-drilled holes so mounting is easy. Even though you can choose to punch the holes yourself, pre-drilled gun safes eliminate the need to. 


And there you have it, folks! A list of the best tactical gun safes you can choose from. These gun safes have been tried and tested and have come out as the winners of the tactical weapon storage contest. 

However, if we were to choose the best tactical gun safe for you, we would go with the SecureIt Model 52. It a high-quality gun safe that comes with the patented  CradleGrid technology that ensures your weapons are safe and organized neatly. The other three are also great gun safes for your tactical guns. 


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