Best Anti Theft Gun Safe

best anti theft gun safe

Best Anti Theft Gun Safe

Looking for the best anti theft gun safe? Then you are in the right place. Owning a gun or guns calls for finding a way to safely store them. Gun safes protect your weapons from getting stolen and ensure inexperienced hands or intruders do not get a hold of your weapons. 

Some gun safes are also waterproof and fireproof, meaning they do all the aforementioned and still protect your weapons from water or fire to a certain degree. 

Let’s take a look at our favorite anti-theft gun safes on the market.

#1) Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker
#2) Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols
#3) RPNB Gun Safe RPNB Gun Safe
#4) NEW and Improved E.M.P Proof Steelwater NEW and Improved E.M.P Proof Steelwater

#5) Verifi Smart Safe Biometric Gun Safe

Verifi Smart Safe Biometric Gun Safe

#6) VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun

VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun



Best Anti Theft Gun Safe Reviews

#1) Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker- Best Gun Safe Under $600

Hornady Rapid Safe AR Gun Locker- Best Anti Theft Gun Safe


If you are looking for the best anti theft gun safe, this Hornady Rapid Safe might just be what you are looking for. It is a gun safe ideal for shotguns or tactical length rifles that you want to keep away from intruders or inexperienced hands. Made with 16 gauge steel fitted with internal locking lugs, this gun safe promises the ultimate security for your weapons. A 1500-lb cable is provided for enhanced security.

This safe’s locking mechanism is not the typical biometric scanner or an electronic lock, it comes with Hornady’s RFID technology that delivers unprecedented security. If you want to open the safe you will need to have an RFID key fob, or decal, or wristband and then you just place it over the reader on the safe. 

For anti-theft protection, the safe is pry-proof, hinge attack proof, and it even exceeds the international children’s safety standard set by the ASTM.  

What’s more, the safe comes with pre-punched holes that allow you to either mount the safe horizontally or vertically. 


  • The door is spring-loaded for ease of opening
  • RFID technology for entry
  • Anti-theft features
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes
  • Powered by battery and AC


  • Thickness: 16 gauge steel
  • Inner dimensions: 40.5 in x 13.5 in x 8.7in
  • Outer dimensions: 42 in x 15.25 in x 10 in
  • Weight: 62lbs


#2) Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols- Best  Gun  Safe Under $200

Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols



Looking for the best anti theft gun safe with a five-star rating? This Biometric Gun Safe for pistols is worth your consideration. It is a quick access gun safe that protects your weapons and other valuables from theft and unauthorized access. 

It comes with a pry-proof door, a seamlessly welded pry-resistant body, and dual-layered steel that ensures your firearm stays safe. A safety bracket and hinges are fitted to make sure a break-in attempt is unsuccessful. What’s more, the body is coated with a powder coat that prevents corrosion and enhances the safe’s durability. 

To access the contents of this safe you will need to either have the pin code, the backup key, or your fingerprint that had been pre-saved. Most users prefer the fingerprint scanner as it gives you faster access to your firearm, especially in an emergency. It can hold up to 20 unique fingerprints with a touch lifespan of more than 1,000,000 times. 

A backlit keypad and an interior LED light allow you to see what you need from the safe even in low light conditions. You can even enable the silent mode that allows you to use the safe without alerting anyone. This is one of the best home safes you can have for storing your self-defense pistol. 


  • A fingerprint scanner, a keypad, backup key
  • Interior safety bracket and hinges
  • The body is powder-coated
  • Saves up to 20 unique fingerprints
  • Keypad is backlit
  • LED light
  • Capacity- 1 handgun and some magazines or 2 handguns
  • Pre-punched mounting holes


  • Internal Dimensions: 11.8 in  x 7.5 in x 2.4 in
  • External dimensions: 13.4 in x 11 in  x 3.3 in
  • Weight: 13.99 lbs




#3) RPNB Gun Safe-Best Gun  Safe Under $100


RPNB Gun Safe-Best Anti Theft Gun Safe



As a responsible gun owner, you need to get the best anti theft gun safe on the market and it does not even have to be expensive. This safe is one of the best safes under $100 that effectively get the job done. It safely secures your weapons from intruders and inexperienced hands. 

It comes with 4 entry points- a backlit keypad, RFID key fob and card, and manual keys. The safe allows you to instantly access your weapon in case of an emergency using the RFID key.

The safe is housed in high-quality, sturdy steel that comes with a coated finish to give it a professional look and enhance its durability. With double-layered steel housing, a pry-resistant body, and a pry-proof door this safe comes with great features for anti-theft protection. 

For ease of mounting, the safe comes pre-drilled with floor mounting holes. 


  • RFID technology to open the safe, manual keys, keypad
  • Made with high-quality steel
  • A black coated finish that prevents corrosion and gives the safe a professional look
  • Pr-proof door and a pry-resistant door
  • Pre-punched floor mounting holes
  • Foam padded interior to protect your weapon against scratches.




#4) NEW and Improved E.M.P Proof Steelwater- Best Anti Theft Gun  Safe Under $2000

NEW and Improved E.M.P Proof Steelwater


If you have a high budget and you are looking for the best anti theft gun, this gun safe is one of them. It is made with thick 12-gauge steel and comes with a composite door. This safe is also a fire-rated gun safe with a 1-hour fireproof rating at 1875 degrees of heat. What that means is, this safe can potentially protect your valuables inside the safe when your house or office is on fire for a short period of time within the specified heat level. 

It is a large-capacity gun safe that also comes with a door organizer. This door organizer is adjustable which means you can organize the space however you see fit. The safe also comes with interior LED lighting that provides visibility under low lighting conditions. 

For the ultimate anti-theft protection, this safe comes with longer bolts for pry resistance maximization and solid steel locking bolts that ensure the safe is tamper-proof. 


  • Fireproof rating of 1 hour in 1875 degrees F of heat
  • Large capacity gun safe
  • Thick door
  • Solid steel locking bolts
  • Drill resistant hard plate
  • An interior spring-loaded relocking bolt just in case the lock is successfully removed by intruders
  • Heat-activated steel door
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes


  • Thickness: 12 gauge steel
  • Inner dimensions: 55 ½ in x 36 1/4 in x 20 5/8 in
  • Usable interior dimensions: 55 1/2 in x 36 1/4 in x 18 5/8 in
  • Outer dimensions: 59 in x 39 in x 24 in
  • Weight: 689 lbs





#5) Verifi Smart Safe Biometric Gun Safe- Best Fingerprint Gun Safe

Verifi Smart Safe Biometric Gun Safe



With an FBI-certified fingerprint sensor, the Verifi Smart Safe is one of the best anti theft gun safes on the market. It captures fingerprint scans in high resolution which makes opening the safe super quick.

Every 14 hours, the safe performs an auto-diagnostic test to see whether the battery is working fine and how much power it has left, if the fingerprint sensor is working as it should, and if the internal locking mechanism is completely functional. This is important as you will get to know of any problem with the safe as soon as a problem is detected. What’s more. the safe, logs, and timestamps any attempts to access the safe without permission. You even get logs and time stamps every time someone tries to use the backup key and any attempt to reset. 

The safe can save up to 40 fingerprints and it comes with an adjustable LED light that provides visibility in case of low lighting conditions. 


  • The fingerprint sensor captures fingerprints in high resolution
  • Perform auto-diagnostic tests every 24 hours
  • Can operate on a single battery set for years
  • Tamper alerts are logged and timestamped together with attempts to reset or use the backup key
  • Easy to mount
  • Saves up to 40 fingerprints


  • Internal Dimensions: 3.3 in x 14 in x 10.5 in
  • External dimensions: 5.8 in x 14.4 in x 10.8 in
  • Weight: 22 lbs




#6) VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun- Best Gun Safe Under $300

VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun-Best Anti Theft Gun Safe



This TSA-compliant biometric handgun is the last one on our best anti theft gun safe review. However, that does not speak on its quality. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best gun safes on the market. 

This safe comes with a biometric fingerprint scanner that captures fingerprints in high resolution meaning you can quickly access your firearm in a time of need. The safe stores up to 20 individual fingerprints so you can save each of your hand fingerprints. Additionally, the keypad is auto-illuminated and comes fitted with a proximity sensor. An interior LED light ensures you can easily see the safe’s contents in low lighting. 

What’s more, the safe comes with pry-proof bars, interior bolstered hinges, and impact latches to ensure the safe is secure even under impact. 

With a unibody rugged design, this safe promises to be of service to you for a long period of time. 


  • High-resolution fingerprint scanner
  • Pry-proof bars and interior bolstered hinges
  • Saves up to 20 individual fingerprints
  • LED lighting
  • Proximity sensor
  • Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery


  • Thickness: 16 gauge steel
  • Inner dimensions: 11in x 5.75 in  x 2 in
  • Outer dimensions: 11.5 in x 9in x 2.625 in



Factors To Conser when looking for the Best Anti Theft Gun Safe

Construction– If you want the best anti theft gun safe, you need to get one that is built to deter thieves from successfully getting into it. What makes a gun safe an anti theft gun safe?

Build- An anti theft gun safe is made with heavy-duty steel. Mostly, the thickness of the steel used in making a gun safe is described by “gauge”. The one thing to know is that the higher the number, the thinner the steel used. For example, a 12-gauge steel gun safe is better than a 16-gauge steel safe for the reason that the former is made of thicker steel. 

Other features to look out for are:

  • Pry-resistant bars
  • Dula latches that are impact-resistant
  • A pry-proof  steel door
  • Long locking bolts


Gun safes usually come either with exterior hinges and interior hinges. 

Exterior hinges- This type of hinges make it possible for the door to open at 180 degrees. This makes it easier for your to access your valuables inside the safe. However, exterior hinges can also be removed easily by a determined intruder with tools. 

Interior hinges- A gun safe with interior hinges means the door will not open as wide but they offer more security as it is really hard to try and remove something you cannot see. Most manufacturers prefer internal hinges to external hinges. 


The best anti theft gun safe comes with pre-drilled mounting holes. Mounting ensures an intruder will not just take the safe and run. You also know exactly where the safe is at any given time. 


We have reviewed our favorite anti theft gun safes to make it easier for you to get the best one. All these safes have been tried and tested and come highly recommended. We hope you love them as much as we do!