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Vortex Crossfire ii 6-24×50 Review

Vortex Crossfire ii 6-24x50 Review

Vortex Crossfire ii 6-24×50 Review

Vortex Optics rarely hit a miss when they produce an optic and the fact that they are quite budget-friendly is always a plus. The Vortex Crossfire line has some of the best scopes that vary in reticle types and sizes from model to model.  In the Vortex Crossfire ii 6-24×50 review, we are going to focus on the 6-24×50 with the dead hold BDC reticle.

Let’s look at its features and why it’s a favorite amongst hunters and shooters.


Vortex Crossfire ii 6-24×50 In depth

This scope is great for medium to long-range shooting as it comes with a wide magnification range and an adjustable objective.


Vortex Crossfire ii 6-24x50 Review




The Crossfire line comes with many reticle configurations like the V-Plex MOA, V-Brite Illuminated, and the Dead-hold BDC. The Vortex Crossfire ii 6-24×50 comes with the Dead-hold BDC reticle (Bullet Drop Compensation). This reticle provides the shooter with the ability to hold “dead-on” their target at distances that are reasonable. This is possible if the shooter selects the suitable sub-crosshair dot. What this reticle essentially does is getting rid of the need to “guess” hold-over at varying distances.

What’s more, this reticle is very versatile and can be effectively utilized with different firearms, from black powder rifles, high-powered rifles, rimfire rifles, and slug shotguns. However, if you really want to fully utilize the BDC reticle especially for long-range shooting, you need to invest in a laser rangefinder. This is highly recommended.

This is a second focal plane reticle, which means magnification adjustments will not affect the size of the reticle. The reticle is also not illuminated making hunting/shooting at night quite the task



The 6-24X magnification is great for shooting at varying ranges, from close range to long-range. It is great for ethically putting down whitetail deer to elk. It also comes with an adjustable objective which makes image focusing easy and quick. An adjustable objective helps the scope to be parallax-free at varying distances.

The huge 50 mm objective lens allows maximum light to be transmitted through the scope which makes images appear bright and clarity is enhanced. Additionally, as earlier mentioned, the reticle is on the second focal plane so you can zoom in and out as much as you want without affecting the reticle size.



With the Vortex Crossfire ii 6-24×50, you get finger adjustable windage and elevation turrets that eliminate the need to improvise when toggling the turrets in the middle of a hunt. The MOA clicks are also easily reset to zero after sighting in. The highest windage and elevation adjustments you can make on this scope are 40 MOA with a 1/4 MOA per click rate of adjustment. 

However, if you want to use this scope on a long-range rifle, you can get a 20 MOA base which gives you ample vertical adjustment to shoot above 500 yards.

The problem with this scope is, it does not come with rings or a mount for ease of attachment. You will need to buy these things separately if you want to attach it to your rifle. From a business standpoint, this makes sense as it helps in bringing the price down but from a consumer perspective, it’s a bit of a bummer.

A cantilever mount is ideal for this scope as it gives you adequate comfort to your shoulder while you use it.


Eye Relief

The  4 inches eye relief is also another factor that sets this scope apart from its peers. It helps in preventing an eye injury otherwise known as “scope eye” when using it. A very forgiving eye box and a 17,3 ft at 100 yards field of view also speak to the greatness of this scope. 

It comes with a fast-focus eyepiece that plays a monumental role in helping you focus on your target as soon as you spot it. This is a great feature especially if you are hunting animals that move at lightning speed. 



Vortex optics understand that a scope is not something you want to keep buying after every few uses. So produce optics with the utmost quality. This particular scope is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum that enhances its durability and strength. Its O-ring sealed hard-anodized finish is shockproof which makes it capable of handling more impact than its peers. It is coated in a matte finish that makes it scratch-resistant. For waterproof performance, the scope is nitrogen purged meaning you can take this scope out in foggy or wet weather conditions without worrying about moisture building up internally. 

The anti-reflective, multicoated lenses enhance light transmission and image clarity ensuring you receive bright images. 


Vortex Crossfire ii 6-24×50 Pros and Cons

As with everything man-made, this scope has its advantages and its disadvantages. 


  • Budget-friendly
  • Wide magnification range
  • Durable
  • Comes fitted with a fast-focus eyepiece
  • Delivers high-quality images


  • It does not come with rings or mount-you will need to buy separately


Vortex Crossfire ii 6-24×50 Review FAQs


Which is better Vortex Diamondback or Crossfire?

The Vortex Diamondback is better than the crossfire. The diamondback is built to handle hunting better and its rugged construction makes it outperform the crossfire. 


Are Vortex Crossfire scopes any good?

The Vortex Crossfire scopes are good enough for most hunting and shooting situations. However, if your intention is to use it roughly, you might want to consider other high-end scopes. 


Final Thoughts

This Vortex Crossfire ii 6-24×50 review is to help you get a high-performing but budget-friendly scope. Its great magnification and image clarity are some of the things I liked with this scope. The rest of the scopes from this line are also great with different reticle styles, so if this does not suit your need, then you can check out the rest. 


Happy hunting!