Should I put a Red Dot On My Turkey Gun?

Should I put a Red Dot On My Turkey Gun?

Should I put a Red Dot On My Turkey Gun?

Should I put a red dot on my turkey gun? The answer is a resounding yes.

The popularity of red dots on turkey guns has increased over the years as they offer similar advantages they offer to tactical shooters.

Why you should put a red dot on your turkey gun 

  • Faster acquisition of the target- A red dot allows you to acquire your target faster.
  • Focusing on the target- Because you can use both of your eyes with a red dot, you can easily focus on the target as you shoot.
  • Sight alignment- A red dot ensures sight alignment is easy.
  • Red dots provide a great field of view
  • Durable-They are very durable optics

If you are looking for the best red dot for your turkey gun, here are a few tips:

Selecting the Red Dot

Red dots are ideal for turkey hunting due to their eye relief. If for instance a turkey suddenly appears in a different direction than your aiming direction, you can quickly swing your turkey gun over and sight the target super quickly. This is because of its almost parallax-free make. The best red dots usually come with brightness settings you can adjust depending on the light conditions.   The market is flooded with all kinds of optics and getting the right one for your turkey gun might be difficult. Lucky for you, there are some factors you should consider before settling on one:

Red Dot Design

Red dot sights come in two designs, closed design is also known as the tube design, and open design which is also called the window design. A red dot with an open design is ideal for use in wooded conditions, delivers a greater field of view and even a little more eye relief. However, its main drawback is the fact that its interiors are prone to damage as they are more exposed to elements like dust.

On the other hand, a tube design red dot is great for hunting in open areas. They are also slightly more durable as their interiors are enclosed therefore less prone to foreign elements.


Red dots are powered by batteries. Batteries drain faster in cold weather so it is strongly advised to have backup batteries just in case. The greatest thing about red dot batteries is the fact that they have a long life so you do not need to replace them every time you go out hunting. However, they do eventually die which means you need to have backup batteries.

Another thing to think about when looking for a red dot for your turkey gun is the ease of getting the batteries. Are they readily available? or do they need special batteries? Getting a red dot that is powered by easily available batteries is advisable but you can get one that uses special batteries if you do not mind going the extra mile to look for batteries. 

The good news is that technology has evolved and we now have prismatic red dot sights that come with etched reticles. This allows you to use the red dot without batteries. They are a good alternative if you find it hard to use the typical red dot sights.


Red Dot vs Green Dot

Should I put a Red Dot On My Turkey Gun


Red dot originally came in red reticles only. However, we now have green reticles and in other colors. There is really no major difference between the two. Red reticles are great for hunting in low light while green reticles are great for daylight. 

Final Thoughts

Putting a red dot on your turkey gun is a great idea. They not only provide a great field of view but they are also durable. If you want to maintain a solid cheek weld on your gun, you can get an optic that sits low on your gun. You should also get an optic that comes with different brightness levels so that you can adjust to changes in the conditions. 


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