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Golf Laser Rangefinder Brands

Golf Laser Rangefinder Brands

Golf Laser Rangefinder Brands

Which are some of the best golf laser rangefinder brands on the market?

Nothing beats the accuracy that laser rangefinders provide when playing golf. Whether you are a professional or recreational golfer, this tool will revolutionize how you play. It will tell you how far you need to hit your targets, so you are able to lower your scopes. Moreover, a rangefinder will give you the exact distance to your clubs, particularly if you don’t have access to a launch monitor.

These devices offer so many benefits when it comes to playing golf. In this day and age, there are so many rangefinder models available from different manufacturers. Each brand makes its devices with a unique set of features to meet the needs of different users. If you are new in this field, here are some of the reputable golf laser rangefinder brands you will find on the market today.

Golf Laser Rangefinder Brands Reviews

#1) Callaway

Callaway Golf Company is an American company that designs, manufactures, and sells all things golf.  Callaway prides itself in making high-quality rangefinders that deliver precise distance measurement. Each Callaway rangefinder is equipped with specific features to meet the needs of different users. These rangefinders are made with ease of use in mind and are ideal for golfers of any skill level.


Callaway 350LT laser rangefinder- Golf Laser Rangefinder Brands



The best model from this brand is the Callaway 350LT laser rangefinder. It is suitable for both tournament play and recreational use. It features a patent-pending PowerPad that allows you to power the laser by pressing any part at the top side.

The slope mode adjusts the yardage depending on the angle of incline or decline and there is a slide eyepiece to switch the slope function on/off. This device also comes with a Pina Acquisition Technology that helps you lock onto a pin that is 300 yards away. Whenever you hit the flagstick, the rangefinder will deliver an instant vibration and clear any doubts.

For added convenience, this rangefinder boasts a built-in Magnahold magnet that you use to attach it to the cart frame for quick and simple access. It has a compact size that fits easily in the palm of your hand and a lightweight design for easy carrying. To top it all, it boasts 6x magnification and high-quality optics which provide clear readings even in wooded golf courses with poor light settings.

Key Features

  • Slope mode
  • Pin Acquisition Technology with Pulse Confirmation
  • Accurate with +/-1 yard
  • 6x magnification
  • Lightweight and compact in size
  • 5-1000 yards yardage
  • Innovative power pad
  • Magnahold convenience





Founded by golfers, PEAKPULSE is said to be the pioneer of the golf laser rangefinder in 1999.  PEAKPULSE is an industry-leading golf rangefinder brand. It manufactures high-quality rangefinders suitable for tournament and recreational use. Golf rangefinders from this brand are simple to use as there is no setup needed. They are eyeglass-friendly and ideal for all golfers regardless of their skills level. PEAKPULSE golf rangefinders are also renowned to offer good value for the money.




The PEAKPULSE 6 Pro slope version is one of their best golf rangefinders. It has a built-in up slope that gives you the accurate distance of targets that are uphill or downhill. The slope-switch technology included lets you choose between on and off-slope mode depending on whether you are using the rangefinder for tournament play or not.

With this range-finding device, you get flag acquisition technology that helps you lock onto the flag effortlessly even if you have shaky hands. After you have locked onto the flag, the pulse vibration technology will deliver a short vibration to verify that you have the right distance.

Moreover, the rangefinder features 6x magnification to help bring distant targets closer. It is accurate to 1 yard and has an effective range from 6 to 500 yards. It is made with crystal clear optics and comes with an eyeglass-friendly fast focus system that lets you adjust the focus to have clear views of the target. Above all, this device is designed to shit off immediately after 8s of inactivity to help preserve the battery life.

Key Features

  • Built-in slope function
  • Flag acquisition technology with pulse vibration
  • 6x magnification
  • Eyeglass-friendly
  • Fast focus system
  • Automatic shut down after 8s of inactivity
  • Crystal clear optics
  • Accuracy to 1 yard
  • 6 to 500-yard range
  • Water-resistant construction




#3) Gogogo

Gogogo sports is one of the most popular golf rangefinder brands in the market. They offer the most cost-effective laser rangefinders on the market today. These rangefinders are suitable for golfing, hunting, bowhunting, and other applications. They are designed to meet the needs of different users and are well-made to provide long-lasting durability. All Gogogo rangefinders are simple to operate and come with a 1-year warranty.


GS24 TL Sport Vpro- Golf Laser Rangefinder Brands



The GS24 TL Sport Vpro Rangefinder is the most versatile rangefinder from Gogogo brand. It provides reliable performance when you are golfing, hunting, or engaged in any other activity. It has a slope function and a slope switch that makes it tournament legal.

It has an effective distance measurement from 5 to 650 yards which is sufficient for golfing and most hunting applications. Moreover, it delivers rapid distance measurements and guarantees high 1-yard accuracy. It also integrates modern functions such as continuous range readings, pin-seeking, and angle-range compensation for more precise distance measurement and target acquisition.

The rangefinder brings to the table 6x magnification so you will be able to get a closer view of the distant targets. The optics are fully multi-coated to enhance light transmission and minimize light loss through reflection. This way, you get bright and clear images even in wooden golf courses that have poor light settings. Also, this range-finding tool comes with an adjustable diopter for precise focus on display, a lightweight design for easy portability, and a compact size that fits perfectly on the palm of your hand for simple one-hand use.

Key Features

  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • 6x magnification
  • Tournament legal
  • Lightweight, compact in size, and portable
  • High precision distance measurement
  • Adjustable diopter
  • Flag lock
  • 5 to 650 measuring range
  • Angle range compensation
  • +/- 1yard/m accuracy





MiLESEEY makes the best budget rangefinders for golfing. For over 10 years, MiLESEEY has and continues to be a leading manufacturer in laser measurement technology. It has over 20 international patents in the laser measurement area. If you are keen on golf laser rangefinders brands, a rangefinder from MiLeSEEY has to be on the list.


MiLESEEY Professional Laser Golf Rangefinder




The MiLESEEY Professional Laser Golf Rangefinder is one of their best golf rangefinders. It offers superior accuracy to +/-0.3 yards within 200 yards. This is the highest accuracy on the market. After the 200-yard mark, it offers accuracy to +/- 0.55 yards and has a maximum range of up to 660 yards. Besides, you can set it to measure the distance in yards or meters depending on your preference.

This rangefinder is made with convenience in mind. It is much smaller and lighter than other rangefinders. You can put it in your pocket and carry it wherever you go. Furthermore, it has an ergonomic cover that gives you a comfortable, non-slip grip and a durable zipper pouch for safe storage.

Featuring a slope compensation function, the rangefinder provides accurate yardage to the flagpole and calculates the uphill and downhill distance. It has a fast target lock technology to help you scan and lock the nearest target quickly and 6x magnification for easy target identification. It also boasts high-quality fully multi-coated lenses which provide bright and clear measurements even in wooded golf courses that have inadequate lighting. Above all, it has a waterproof and fog-free construction for use in any season.

Key Features

  • Multiple modes
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Measures in yards or meters
  • Ergonomic and non-slip soft casing design
  • Advanced flag acquisition technology
  • Automatic power off after 8s of inactivity
  • Long-lasting CR2 battery
  • 6x magnification
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Waterproof and fog proof




#5) Bushnell

Bushnell is a big name in the world of optics. It has a long-standing reputation for making high-quality optics and its rangefinders are no different. It has more than 60 years of experience and has earned its reputation as one of the best manufacturers of range-finding devices. It makes high-quality golf rangefinders that are accurate, cost-effective, and reliable.

Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder- Golf Laser Rangefinder Brands



The Bushnell Pro XE Golf Laser Rangefinder is the best Bushnell rangefinder for playing golf. It is simple to operate and ideal for both professional and recreational golfing.

It is equipped with Bushnell’s patented Slope Technology which provides the most accurate compensated distances ever. During tournaments, you can easily switch off the slope function so the device becomes legal for tournament play. Besides, the rangefinder comes with a Pinseeker with visual jolt, so you will not only feel but also see when you have locked onto the flag.

With the Bushnell golf app included, you get 3D flyovers with distances, hole layouts with distances, and access to over 36,000 courses. Besides that, this device has metal housing for ultimate durability. It is also fully waterproof and fog-resistant so you can use it in any weather condition. Above all, it comes with a BITE magnetic mount for easy mounting on the cart bar.

Key Features

  • Bushnell’s patented Slope Technology
  • BITE magnetic mount
  • Pinseeker with visual jolt
  • On/off slope switch
  • Bushnell golf app
  • Fully water-proof metal housing
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 7x magnification
  • 500-yard range to flag





Golf buddy started in 2003 with just a single product but has since evolved its catalog to include handhelds, wearables, and laser. They offer some of the most accurate golf rangefinders. This brand makes its rangefinders with every user in mind. It has rangefinders suitable for ladies, men, juniors, and seniors. All its rangefinders are simple to use and budget-friendly.

GOLF BUDDY GB Laser Lite Rangefinder



The GOLF BUDDY GB Laser Lite Rangefinder with Slope comes with every feature that you need to take your golf game to the next high level. It’s extremely fast at picking targets and offers a fast distance measurement of less than 0.5s.

The slope feature provides accurate slope-adjusted distances based on elevation. You can switch it off during tournaments then switch it back on during practice. To add to that, it has a scan mode that provides continuous distance measurement and pin finder with vibration. It will produce a small vibration whenever you lock onto the target.

Another notable feature about this device is that it comes with 6x magnification which makes finding the target a breeze. The high-quality optics enhance light transmission for bright and clear distance readings. It also comes with a clear and wide LCD display that is easy to read for all users, short-sighted or long-sighted. Above all, the tool is IPX4 water-resistant which means that it is ideal for use in light rain.

Key Features

  • Slope compensation technology
  • Pin finder with vibration
  • On/off slope switch
  • Automatic shut off
  • 6x magnification
  • High-quality optics
  • IPX4 water-resistant
  • Wide, easy-to-read LCD display
  • USGA/R&A compliant
  • Sleek, ergonomic, and compact design
  • Fast distance measurement in 0.5s




#7) TecTecTec

2 years shy of a decade in the business, TecTecTec is one of the golf laser rangefinder brands that understand the need for high-quality and price-friendly golf laser rangefinders.  TecTecTec rangefinders are high-precision rangefinders that provide reliable performance when hunting or playing golf. These rangefinders come packed with everything you need to maximize your game. All TecTecTec rangefinders are well-made so you will get many years from them. They are also backed by a 1-year warranty, so you can rest assured of their quality.


Golf Laser Rangefinder Brands



The TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf rangefinder is the best golf rangefinder from this brand. It is a multipurpose rangefinder suitable for hunting and golfing. It’s incredibly easy to operate and it is available at an amazingly affordable price.

This device has a maximum range of up to 540 yards with high precision of +/-1 yard. It comes with advanced Pinsensor technology to help you measure overlapping subjects accurately and a continuous scan mode which provides continuous distance readings.

With this rangefinder, you will get the best viewing experience. It features advanced multi-layered optics that maximize light transmission to provide clear distance readings. When it comes to construction, it is well-constructed to last long. To add to that, it has a water-resistant body for use in any weather condition. For added convenience, it has a lightweight design for easy carrying and a compact size that makes it easy to operate single-handedly. In addition to everything else, it comes with an eye-safe class 1 laser.

Key Features

  • Rain resistant body
  • Shock-resistant protective case
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Durable construction
  • 540 yards effective range
  • Advanced Pinsensor technology
  • Upgraded laser rangefinder
  • Eye-safe class 1 laser
  • Continuous scan mode




We do hope that you have found this post enlightening. Knowing what you need in a golf laser rangefinder will help make your selection process simple. Go through the golf laser rangefinder brands listed above and make sure that you choose a product that you are confident will be able to meet your specific golfing needs.


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