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Best Scoped Rifle Bags

Best Scoped Rifle Bags


As a rifle owner, you have a responsibility of ensuring that your rifle is safely stored either during transportation or when keeping it at home. A rifle bag ensures that your firearms and other accessories are kept safe to prevent access by intruders and kids. The fact that there exists multiple options for scoped rifle bags in the market, getting the best one can be a daunting task. Here are some of the best scoped rifle bags for you to pick from;

Here is a quick list if you don’t have time for this short read

#1) Savior Equipment American Classic 

#2) Plano Single Scoped or Double Non-Scoped Rifle Case

#3) Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Tactical Double Carbine Gun Case

#4) WolfWarriorX Long Rifle Case Tactical Double Rifles Gun Bag

#5) Flambeau Outdoors 6448SC 48” Express Gun Case

#6) AUMTISC 44/48/52 inch Rifle Case

#7) VISM by NcSTAR Double Carbine Case

#8) Double Rifle Bag

#9) Allen Company Engage Tactical Rifle Case

#10) BOW-TAC Double Long Rifle Gun Case Bag

#11) Vault by Pelican-V800 Double Rifle Case with Foam


Best Scoped Rifle Bags Reviews

#1) Savior Equipment American Classic 

Savior Equipment American Classic 


As one of the best scoped rifle bags, this rifle bag has lockable zipper sliders on the two main firearm compartments and paracord zipper pulls to make it simple. It comes with three exterior pockets designed to store extra equipment and accessories in just one bag.

You can carry the rifle bag with Hook& Loop Fastener carrying handle or with padded backpack straps that are adjustable to free your hands.


  • Ultra-durable as it is made with heavy-duty industrial 600D PVC Nylon
  • Lockable zipper sliders on both firearm compartments make it ultra-safe
  • Spacious as it holds 2 rifles and 2 pistols with additional pocket compartments
  • Molle Grid, Paracord Zipper, Backpack straps, and D-ring make it ultra-deluxe
  • Fully padded edges protect and secure your firearms
  • Has an upgraded design that enables it to lay flat completely
  • Lengths available are 36”. 42”. 46”. 51” and 55”





#2) Plano Single Scoped or Double Non-Scoped Rifle Case

Plano Single Scoped or Double Non-Scoped Rifle Case


If you are looking for one of the best scoped rifle bags, this Plano is what you need. It is a hard case rifle bag that elegantly protects your rifle.

It comes with a molded-in-handle and thick wall construction. It has high-density foam inserts that provide great protection while the latches keep the case closed securely. It is lockable and airline-approved.


  • The molded-in handle is comfortable
  • Thick wall construction
  • High-density foam inserts
  • Plastic
  • Made in the USA
  • Lockable and airline approved
  • Heavy-duty latches


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#3) Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Tactical Double Carbine Gun Case

Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Tactical Double Carbine Gun Case


This is another one of the best scoped rifle bags from Savior. The bag has a sleek design that is meant to make you a real head-hunter when you can it around the shooting range. Personalize it by attaching your morale patches on Hook and Loop strip. It has a fully padded foam that is made to protect and secure your valuable firearms from unnecessary movement and damage during transportation.

In addition, there are additional pockets that enable you to store all your stuff in one place.

Its design lowers the risk of unraveling and tearing even under harsh conditions.


  • Lockable zipper sliders
  • Lays flat completely when opened preventing stress to zippers thus ensuring longevity
  • Backpack straps are fully adjustable and removable enabling you to customize and carry your firearms comfortably.
  • Exterior and interior lining are made with heavy-duty industrial 600D PVC Nylon Fabric
  • Holds 2 rifles and 2 pistols as it has additional [pockets
  • Fully padded foam that protects your firearms
  • Molle Grid, Paracord Zipper, Backpack straps, and D-ring make it ultra-deluxe
  • Available in length 36, 42, 46, 51, and 55”




#4) WolfWarriorX Long Rifle Case Tactical Double Rifles Gun Bag


WolfWarriorX Long Rifle Case Tactical Double Rifles Gun Bag



This rifle case is of high quality as it is made of materials that are water resistant. It is perfect for simulation, hunting, wargaming, and carrying training equipment.

It is easy to open up the bag and lay it out as the main compartment has a two-way size 10 zipper that goes around 3 sides. Each end of the front side has 2 rows of Molle straps. There is a shooting mat inside which is detachable.

In addition, the 2nd largest compartment has bullet holders inside. To make transportation easy, the case has backpack straps.


  • Robust carrying handles
  • Fully padded to maximize protection
  • Straps are adjustable
  • Available in sizes 38” and 42”
  • Backpack straps
  • 3 modular pouches
  • Hook and loop straps ensure that the rifle is secured
  • Easy to open up and lay flat

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#5) Flambeau Outdoors 6448SC 48” Express Gun Case

Flambeau Outdoors 6448SC 48” Express Gun Case




This Flambeau Gun case is made to fit one scoped rifle or shotgun. To keep your gun securely locked always, it has 4 snap-tight lock hasps. It is easy to carry as it is constructed with lightweight materials.

It is one of the best scoped rifle bags for its low-profile integrated handle to make it easy to transport and to ensure a secure grip.


  • Measures 46x 10x 34 inches
  • Lightweight design
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Easy to transport
  • Lockable to store your gun securely
  • Rugged construction that protects from wear and tear




#6) AUMTISC 44/48/52 inch Rifle Case

AUMTISC 44/48/52 inch Rifle Case


The AUMTISC rifle case has a dual-density design that includes an internal open-cell foam for the protection of firearms and external closed-cell foam for shock absorption. Shoulder straps and contact points have heavy-duty tactical webbing. Additionally, the closure has a loop on the case to lock the zipper

This rifle case has a rugged 600D PVC polyester construction that is water resistant. There is also an additional pocket meant to store gun accessories. The rifle case is nevertheless easy to use as the backpack shoulder strap is detachable.


  • Made of high-quality materials that ensure protection and maximum durability
  • Dense foam padding that is abrasion resistant
  • Constructed with 600D PVC waterproof material
  • Sturdy and shock-resistant
  • Storage space is large making it ideal for most firearms
  • Additional pockets for easy storage of accessories
  • Measures 14x 10.6x 4.9 inches



#7) VISM by NcSTAR Double Carbine Case

VISM by NcSTAR Double Carbine Case


The best scoped rifle bags are made of high-quality material and this double carbine case is one of them. This case is made of heavy-duty PVC material and protects up to 2 carbine-sized rifles. The primary compartment holds 2 rifles 35 inches in overall length with a padded center divider that is thick. 4 hook and loop straps secure each rifle properly.

The secondary compartment has pockets to store additional items such as logbooks, handguns, and optics. The three exterior pockets keep magazines and ammo organized.

It has two straps that are adjustable with an adjustable sternum strap that enables one to carry the case as a backpack. All pockets have heavy-duty zippers with cords for access that is easy and fast.


  • Accommodates two rifles
  • Blue in color
  • 3 exterior pockets are ideal for keeping your gear
  • Measures 38x 14x 3 inches
  • Wrap-around carry handles straps
  • Top and bottom compression straps
  • Made of heavy-duty PVC material



#8) Double Rifle Bag

Double Rifle Bag


This is a rifle bag that is constructed with heavy-duty industrial PVC Nylon and lockable zippers that are not only waterproof but also ultra-long lasting. It holds 2 rifles, 2 pistols, all your mags, and ammunition. A removable shooting pad ensures that you don’t have to lay in the dirt.

Additionally, the bag has been designed to allow you to wear it as a backpack to free up your hands. The backpack straps can be zipped with ease up and out of the way when not in use.


  • Measures 35x 13.75x 3.75 inches
  • Durable construction
  • Zippers are lockable, waterproof, and long-lasting
  • Allows you to carry it as a backpack
  • Backpack straps can be easily zipped

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#9) Allen Company Engage Tactical Rifle Case

Allen Company Engage Tactical Rifle Case


This rifle case is made for practicality in a fully-featured case. Your rifle is protected by the 3/4 inch thick padding while the mag pockets carry your extra ammo. A D-ring enable you to lock the zipper and the 600D fabric is durable.


  • Lockable
  • Web handles are durable
  • Fits tactical rifles up to 38”
  • Three magazine pockets
  • Foam padding is thick
  • Measures 37.8x 12.5x 1.5″




#10) BOW-TAC Double Long Rifle Gun Case Bag

BOW-TAC Double Long Rifle Gun Case Bag


The BOW-TAC double rifle case is constructed with heavy-duty 600×600 fabric which is durable and enhances strength as the double carbine case holds really up well.

It is lockable as it comes with zippers sliders that are lockable and are found on two main compartments. It is a multi-use rifle case as it can be used for storage, training, paintball and airsoft use.

Besides that, the rifle case has a zip pocket that is extra big for carrying 2 pistols, goggles, ammo, tools, lighters, magazines, and other accessories that you may need to carry.


  • Measures 43x 13x 3 inches
  • Made of fabric that is durable
  • Lockable and multi-use
  • Extra-large zip pocket for carrying accessories
  • The back has double shoulder straps
  • Available in 36”, 42” and 46”



#11) Vault by Pelican-V800 Double Rifle Case with Foam

Vault by Pelican-V800 Double Rifle Case with Foam



The Vault by Pelican rifle case is one of the best scoped rifle bags. It is a sealed case making it water and dust resistant for long term confidence in harsh conditions. It has a high-impact polymer that is crushproof, heavy-duty handles, and stainless steel lock hasps making it the ultimate affordable firearm.


  • Easy to carry handle
  • Measures 57x 19.75x 7 inches
  • Press and pull latches
  • Exterior is crushproof
  • Water and dustproof
  • Stainless steel lock
  • Affordable

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Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Scoped Rifle Bags

1.Storage capacity

Not every hunter or shooter needs to transport a mass of weapons from one place to another. Consider the number of firearms and what sort of accessories you will be transporting before deciding the bag to buy. Pick a bag based on the number of firearms it can safely and comfortably transport and the types of straps it provides. The best scoped rifle bags are the ones with ample storage for your firearms. 


To keep your firearm secure and safe during transport, you need a bag made with tough materials. These materials range from PVC, nylon to stainless steel. Ensure that the materials are tailored towards your interest as a firearm enthusiast before buying a case.

3.Color options

Color options are actually very crucial even though they may seem like a meaningless consideration at first. Hunters understand that the color of any hunting accessory is of much importance. You will need to blend in the area that are you are hunting. The coloring of your gear and the scent you wear provides the best two guards against unwanted detection. Having a bag that is camouflage or has a tan pattern makes you trick your game more easily allowing you to finally land that trophy animal.

4.Water resistance

A protective bag is essential to your outdoor adventures. The best scoped rifle bags are water-resistant bags,  The bag you choose should be waterproof as the firearms will be used in all kinds of situations. A waterproof bag works likes a wonder and wicks the moisture away efficiently thus keeping it safe. It is also a great idea to wipe the moisture off your rifle before storing it in the bag.

5. Price

Good quality rifle bags come in various price ranges. Ensure that you do not compromise on the features and utility aspects even if you choose a less expensive product. So, get the best bag that is affordable to you without compromising on the quality and features.


Pros of Best Scoped Rifle Bags

  • Lockable

Most of these bags can be locked. They use zippers and these zippers are compatible with padlocks. This ensures safety of your firearm.

  • Versatile

Some of these rifle bags use straps, pockets, and webbing to hold firearms. This makes them versatile as they can be used for any rifle or multiple rifles depending on their capacity.

  • Durable

These bags are made of high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting performance and protection

  • Waterproof and dustproof

This ensures that your firearm is safe and secure from elements such as water and dust

  • Come in various sizes

This enables you to choose the size that is best for you.

  • Lightweight

These rifle bags have a lightweight design making them pretty easy to transport and store.

  • Enough storage capacity

The bags mostly have extra pockets that provide a storage area for your accessories such as magazines, ammo among others.


Cons of scoped rifle cases

  • Expensive

Some of these bags are quite expensive

  • Heavy and bulky

This makes it hard to transport them.

Best Scoped Rifle Bags FAQs

1. Can I add additional waterproofing to a rifle bag?

Yes, you can. There are plenty of treatments on the market that can be used to increase the water-resistance of a bag. They work by filling in the holes in the material that would normally let water molecules pass through. When trying this out, test a small area so as to ensure that the treatment doesn’t damage it once dried.

2.Can I have a scope mounted on a rifle?

Many will let you store a rifle that has a mounted scope. The most important thing here is to ensure that the bag is large enough to accommodate a rifle with a scope. It will also require additional padding in the bag for protection of the scope so a hard-sided bag is more preferable.



The best scoped rifle bags s are important items for ensuring that your firearm is well protected. Due to the fact that having a firearm is a huge investment, you ought to take care of it. Having any of the rifle bags reviewed above helps you accomplish that.