5 Best Pelican Rifle Cases

Best Pelican Rifle Case

Best Pelican Rifle Case

You have a shooting competition or a hunting expedition far from home. You will need to transport your best rifle for this.  You have been looking for a rifle case that guarantees the protection of your dear rifle as well as its security. I am almost certain you have come across rifle cases known as Pelican, especially if you are new to rifle cases. But which one do you choose? If you are thinking of getting a Pelican rifle case, then this review is for you. We have compiled a list of the best and we are sure you can get the best pelican rifle case here. 

quick list

1. Pelican 1700 Watertight Protector Rifle Cases Pelican 1700 Watertight Protector Rifle Cases
2. Pelican 1750 Waterproof Rifle Case  Pelican 1750 Waterproof Rifle Case
3. Vault by Pelican – V800 Double Rifle Case  Vault by Pelican - V800 Double Rifle Case
4. Pelican Storm iM3200 Case With Foam Pelican Storm iM3200 Case With Foam
5. Pelican 1740 Case With Foam Pelican 1740 Case With Foam
6. Pelican VCV730 Pelican VCV730
7. Vault by Pelican – V770 Single Rifle Case  Vault by Pelican - V770 Single Rifle Case


Who are they?

Pelican is a multi-national American company that is renowned for producing hard protective cases. Even though that is their specialty, they also manufacture packaging that requires temperature controlling and even portable lighting systems

The company dates way back to 1976 when the founders built a flashlight and protective flashlight case. They aimed for durability and reliability, especially in harsh environments. This set them off to become one of the top companies in the industry. 

Based in Torrance,  California they have more than 20 international offices all over. 

What Pelican primarily does is offering packing solutions for industries like the military and aerospace. These industries are very specific as to how they pack their very expensive items. 

The fact that Pelican cases are TSA approved, they are the ideal cases to use for air travel. One less hassle at a busy airport. They are very good for transporting expensive gear like high-end scopes or other optics. Additionally, Pelican has made sure even hand guns can be transported safely by designing and putting out various size cases. 



Best Pelican Rifle Case Reviews

1. Pelican 1700 Watertight Protector Rifle Cases

Pelican 1700 Watertight Protector Rifle Cases




Trusted by law enforcement, military, and hunters all over the world, the Pelican 1700 is of the best Pelican rifle case today. It is built of high-impact copolymer that makes the case durable and very strong. The case comes with double throw latches that are not only easy to open, but also help in securing your rifle.

The inserts are high-density foam that protects the rifle from vibration, impact, or shock. It helps in keeping the rifle in place. A pressure equalization valve is fitted for balancing pressure inside the case so pressure change caused by altitude change when landing or during take-off does not affect your safely tucked away rifle or optics you are transporting.

It comes with wheels so transport is easy. These come in handy in a busy airport and you are in a hurry. Its solid wall design ensures this case lasts a lifetime of uses.


  • O-ring sealed to keep the case moisture-free
  • Crushproof, dustproof
  • Pressure equalization valve that is automatic
  • TSA approved
  • Lockable
  • Double throw latches
  • Pluckable foam is customizable



2. Pelican 1750 Waterproof Rifle Case

 Pelican 1750 Waterproof Rifle Case




This is another great Pelican rifle case from their Protector line. In fact, I can confidently say this is the best Pelican rifle case in the 1700 series. It is crushproof- Pelican does not use that description highly. The case is subjected to rigorous tests including a drop test and everything inside it remains intact. It is also dustproof and waterproof. It is waterproof due to the fact it comes with a polymer o-ring seal.

Just like the Pelican 1700, this case also comes with an automatic pressure release valve for pressure balancing when the atmospheric pressure changes.

This virtually indestructible rifle case comes with a customizable interior so all you need to do is customize it to the rifle you have and you have yourself a pretty solid rifle case.


  • Polyutherene wheels
  • 2 Handles that are double layered with a soft grip
  • Easy to open double throw latches
  • Automatic pressure equalization valve
  • Crushproof
  • Waterproof and dustproof



3. Vault by Pelican – V800 Double Rifle Case

Vault by Pelican - V800 Double Rifle Case





The Vault line is Pelican’s newest line that was necessitated by the ever-changing airline policies and specifications. The V800 Rifle case is the best Pelican rifle case in the Vault line for many reasons. It is a rifle case for the rifle enthusiasts who spend good money on getting the best rifle they can and don’t mind getting an equally great case to store or transport the rifle. 

Built to handle extreme environmental conditions, the V800 is very secure and rugged. It is crushproof and dustproof as well as weather resistant. 

This case comes with proprietary five layers of foam which protect your rifle from shock, vibration, and even impact. The case can comfortably house 2 scoped rifles which is a plus if you want to carry more than one rifle. 


  • Stainless lock hasps that enhance security
  • Dustproof and crushproof
  • 6 Easy to open push-button latches
  • Ergonomic heavy-duty handles
  • Cna fit two scoped rifles
  • 4 stainless steel lock hasps



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4. Pelican Storm iM3200 Case With Foam

Pelican Storm iM3200 Case With Foam




The Pelican Storm iM3200 is the best Pelican rifle case in the Storm line. It is a TSA-approved rifle case that comes fitted with a vortex valve for pressure equalization. This means changes in the atmospheric pressure will not affect your rifle and other valuables. The fact that the military uses it should give you an idea of how top-tier of a  rifle case this is. 

Its three-piece foam set ensures the rifle stays in place, especially during transport.  The soft grip fold-down handles enhance the strength of the case while providing comfort as you carry the case. The case also comes with two pad-lockable hasps for added security. 

The Storm line is almost like the Protector but with one major difference. Latches. This im3200 comes with press and pull latch locks. Why this difference is worth a special mention is due to the fact that you can sometimes overpack your rifle case, then get problems locking the case. These latch locks lock automatically so your things are secure. The locks also open with a light touch so opening the case is not a hassle. However, we do not advise you to overpack. 


  •  HPX high-performance resin for impressive impact resistance
  • Vortex valve for interior pressure equalization
  • Carry handles are soft-grip and fold-down
  • Press and pull latches- 6 in number
  • O-ring seal
  • TSA approved
  • Wheels




5. Vault by Pelican – V770 Single Rifle Case 

Vault by Pelican - V770 Single Rifle Case




Another Vault line case makes it to our review. The Pelican V770 is a top-rated rifle case that is sealed to keep moisture out and dust for durability. It is a very rugged case made for high-impact situations. Its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions and hard use gives it a top rating in our best pelican rifle case list. 

Its push-button latches and lock hasps offer the ultimate security of your rifle. It is crushproof which gives you a sense of this rifle’s quality. 

The five layers of protective foam ensure your rifle is intact inside the safe and also protect it from scratches, impact, or even high vibration. 


  • Crushproof and dustproof
  • Push-button latches
  • Heavy-duty ergonomic handles
  • 5 layers of protective foam
  • 4 lock hasps


Pelican Rifle Cases Top Features


There is a reason Pelican is one of the two brands approved by the TSA. Their rifle cases are virtually indestructible. They are taken through rigorous tests from dust, water to drop-tests. Yes, Pelican advertises some of their cases as “crush-proof” so you can throw one from a plane and everything will still be intact. However, please don’t do that. 

Their cases are also loved by the military for the simple fact that their quality is unmatched and out-of-this-world reliability. 

O-ring and Valve

Some of the Pelican rifle cases come fitted with an auto-purge valve that is primarily responsible for stabilizing pressure inside the case especially when the plane takes off or lands. This is an ideal feature, especially when transporting high-end optics. O-ring like what is found on most Vortex scopes. helps in keeping water out of the case. You can submerge the case at a depth of 3.3 feet for up to 30 minutes and the interior will still be water-free


If you have a rifle case that is not a Pelican case, you might be forgiven to think foam is just foam. Pelican cases come with pick n pluck foam that is customizable, meaning you can customize it to the rifle you have. Some cases come with it and you can order separately for others. 

This foam lets you customize the interior so your rifle stays in place especially in transport. 

Lock and Latches

Pelican cases come with the highest quality latches there are. For example, the latches on their Protector line are a double-throw so they don’t pop easily in case the rifle case is dropped. For the Vault and Storm line, they feature press and pull latches. These are quite easy to open which is a plus especially if you have too many things inside the rifle case. You will also love that they come with pad-lockable locks for security enhancement. Great rifles are not exactly cheap, so you want to put them in the best cases you possibly can.


Best Pelican Rifle Case Review-Final Thoughts

We have compiled the best pelican rifle cases there are today and we are confident you will find the best one for you. Pelican is a brand that doesn’t “miss” so getting one of their rifle cases is just loving your firearm a little harder. They may not be the cheapest, but their rifle protection makes them with your money. 

Happy shooting!


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