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Best Scope for Benjamin Marauder

Best Scope For Benjamin Marauder

Best Scope For Benjamin Marauder

Are you looking for the best scope for Benjamin Marauder? You are certainly in the right place. In today’s post, we shine a light on the best scopes for this beast of a rifle. A dependable air rifle, the Benjamin Marauder, is made to eliminate small to medium-sized game at a variety of ranges. It is perfect for taking down coyotes, rabbits, groundhogs, and even guinea pigs.

Due to its precision and lightweight construction, this air rifle is favored by many hunters. Even if you use it for an extended period, it will not be a pain on the neck. Investing in a top-quality is the only way to unleash this rifle’s potential fully. Let’s have a look at the best picks that make an excellent pair for the rifle.

Here is a quick list

#1) CVLIFE 3-9×40 Optics R4 Reticle Crosshair Scope CVLIFE 3-9x40 Optics R4 Reticle Crosshair Scope
#2) Simmons 3-9x32mm .22 Riflescope Simmons 3-9x32mm .22 Riflescope
#3) Hatsan Optima 3-12x 50 AO Scope Hatsan Optima 3-12x 50 AO Scope
#4) Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane Riflescope Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane Riflescope
#5) ATN X-Sight LTV Ultra-Light Day & Night Vision Riflescope ATN X-Sight LTV Ultra-Light Day & Night Vision Riflescope
#6) TASCO 3-9×40 AO Air Gun TASCO 3-9x40 AO Air Gun
#7) Pinty 3-9×40 Red Green Rangefinder Pinty 3-9x40 Red Green Rangefinder



Factors to consider when selecting the best scope for Benjamin Marauder

1. Lens quality

Lenses enable us to see clearly what the naked eye cannot. When our eyes are blurry, we cannot see well. It is absolutely necessary to have decent lenses. Anything with poor plastic lenses in a scope is an outright no. Therefore, ensure the scope lenses are of high quality. They should also be coated to ensure optimal light transmission.

2. Durability

A sturdy scope will be very beneficial. You will benefit greatly from it in the future as well. The scope you choose should be crafted from high-quality materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum. This will ensure it handles anything it is subjected to. The scope also needs to be waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof to suffice in all conditions.

3. Weight

How crucial weight distribution is in a scope is often underestimated. Your Marauder may feel perfect or like its back is heavy as a result. So, ensure that you get a lightweight scope that will be easy to mount, carry, and store.

4. Objective lens size

The lens diameter that is furthest from the rifle stock and closest to the barrel is known as the objective lens size. To get a brighter image, it’s crucial to buy a scope with an objective lens that allows in more light.

Best Scope For Benjamin Marauder Reviews

#1) CVLIFE 3-9×40 Optics R4 Reticle Crosshair Scope

CVLIFE 3-9x40 Optics R4 Reticle Crosshair Scope




Thanks to its impressive features, CVLIFE 3-9×40 tops our list. Designed with 3-9x magnification, the scope is ideal for close to medium-distance shooting.

The 20mm Picatinny rail on any rifle can be used to mount this scope. It is effortless to mount and comfortable to carry in the field because of its lightweight construction.

Construction-wise, the scope is crafted from premium aluminum for longevity. The one-inch tube is sealed and filled with nitrogen to ensure reliable waterproof, and fogproof performance. The scope also has a unique inner and outer construction design that makes it shockproof and allows for more precise windage and elevation adjustment.

For enhanced light transmission, the scope is fully multi-coated. This connotes great quality images no matter the lighting condition. The exterior lenses have a shielding coating to keep out dust, oil, and scratches.


  • High-quality aluminum construction
  • Waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Scratch, oil, and dust-free protective shielding
  • Accurate windage and elevation adjustment


  • Lightweight hence comfortable to carry
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Suffices in all conditions
  • Great quality construction


  • Dials are a bit shaky





#2) Simmons 3-9x32mm .22 Riflescope

Simmons 3-9x32mm .22 Riflescope




Simmons 3-9x32mm .22 Riflescope is another excellent scope for Benjamin Marauder. One feature that makes the scope stand out is the incorporation of cutting-edge technology like the QTA eyepiece. The rapid target acquisition eyepiece makes it easier to find the targets quickly and thoroughly.

Besides being of high quality, the glass is fully coated to allow optimal light transmission resulting in clear and bright images. In addition, the lens has a Hydro-Shield coating that guarantees visibility in all weather.

This scope has generous eye relief that stays the same throughout the whole magnification range. This riflescope is made from high-quality materials that increase strength and durability and are designed to last as long as your rifle. The Sure-Grip rubber surfaces fortify durability and make adjustments simpler in all weather conditions.

Nevertheless, the scope is lightweight, making transportation and mounting a breeze.


  • Waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof
  • Fully coated optics
  • Hydro-Shield coating on the lens
  • Sure-Grip rubber surfaces
  • QTA eyepiece enables quick finding of targets
  • Variable 3-9x magnification
  • Truplex reticle
  • Generous eye relief


  • Robust design
  • Lightweight
  • Unmatched performance
  • Price


  • Reticle and adjustment issues




#3) Hatsan Optima 3-12x 50 AO Scope

Hatsan Optima 3-12x 50 AO Scope




Hatsan Optima 3-12×50 AO Scope features a front objective that is easy to adjust to remove parallax error. The scope is designed with a one-inch tube that is filled with dry nitrogen gas. As a result of this inclusion, the scope is waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof. The body constitutes an aluminum build for enhanced durability.

The scope delivers when it comes to light transmission as its optics are fully multi-coated. The reticle present is the Mil-Dot type. The scope nonetheless features 1/4 MOA click adjustments.


  • Waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof
  • Mil-Dot reticle
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • One piece tube
  • 1/4 MOA click adjustments
  • Aluminum construction
  •  2.56 to 3.07 inches of eye relief



  • Sturdy build
  • Includes scope caps
  • Great light transmission


  • Turrets could be better




#4) Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane Riflescope

Vortex Optics Crossfire II Second Focal Plane Riflescope




The Crossfire II boasts a set of attributes that guarantee its longevity. The fully multi-coated lenses have anti-reflective coatings that protect the scope while ensuring optimal light transmission. Scratches or issues with the lenses will be the least of your concern.

Because the Crossfire’s tube is made entirely of aircraft-grade aluminum, the scope can stand up to anything thrown at it. Better yet, the tube is sealed for a waterproof and fog proof performance.

In addition, the Crossfire II has a cover over the elevation and windage knobs to protect them. You are guaranteed simple reticle focusing at a distance since they are all adjustable in 1/4 MOA increments.

With an eye relief of 3.9 inches and an ultra-forgiving eyebox, the scope allows you to shoot without injuring your face. The fast-focus eyepiece provides a perfect target image.


  • V-Brite, V-Plex, and Dead-Hold BDC reticle
  • Matte black finish
  • Fully multi-coated with anti-reflective properties
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Second focal plane reticle
  • 3.9 inches of eye relief
  • Waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Long eye relief
  • Superior glass quality
  • Versatile
  • Affordably priced


  • Only one reticle is illuminated





#5) ATN X-Sight LTV Ultra-Light Day & Night Vision Riflescope

ATN X-Sight LTV Ultra-Light Day & Night Vision Riflescope




The ATN X-Sight LTV Ultra-Light Day & Night Vision Riflescope is a high-quality scope that will work well with your Benjamin Marauder. It is powered by the new, cutting-edge ATN Obsidian LT Core, which is designed to consume less power.

Because of its One Shot Zero technology, the scope is easy to sight in. Further, it includes classic ergonomics that make mounting simple and a variety of reticle patterns so that you can choose the one that best suits your hunting style.

An enhanced HD night vision mode is available on the X-Sight LTV. Not even the dark can stop you.

Thanks to its hardened aluminum alloy constitution, the scope endures the harshest recoil like a walk in the park.


  • One Shot Zero
  • Versatile hence mounts on many platforms
  • Weather resistant
  • Enhanced Night Vision HD mode


  • Multiple reticle choices
  • Hardened aluminum alloy construction
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to mount and use
  • Low consumption of power for longer-lasting use


  • Expensive




#6) TASCO 3-9×40 AO Air Gun

TASCO 3-9x40 AO Air Gun




The Tasco AO Air Gun Scope provides the versatility required to advance your air gun experiences. The 3-9×40 scope ensures all of a riflescope’s capabilities while being built to withstand the unique demands of air gun shooting.

The scope is equipped with fully coated lenses to ensure optimal light transmission. This leads to bright, sharp, and clear images. A fast-focus eyepiece allows quick reticle focus for rapid target acquisition.

Its handy Truplex duplex crosshair reticle, which has thick outer posts and thin center hairs, provides an easy-to-see aiming point. This minimalist reticle maintains a clear and unobstructed field of view, making it perfect for surveying the landscape for targets at all magnifications.

With capped windage and elevation turrets offering 15 MOA of travel each rotation to adjust for distance, holdover/under, and wind for further shot accuracy, you can get on target with a 1/4 MOA impact point adjustment.

The scratch-resistant, low-reflectivity matte-black anodized aluminum alloy used to create the one-piece, 1″ main tube scope is lightweight and robust.


  • Truplex reticle
  • Capped windage and elevation turrets
  • Matte black finish
  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • Fully coated lenses
  • A fast-focus eyepiece


  • Lightweight
  • Remarkable build quality
  • Adjustable objective
  • Includes two rings for easy mounting
  • High-quality images


  • Target might appear blurry at very close range <30 ft




#7) Pinty 3-9×40 Red Green Rangefinder Illuminated Optical Riflescope

Pinty 3-9x40 Red Green Rangefinder




The Pinty 3-9×40 Illuminated Optical Rifle Scope is a reliable scope that can accurately hit targets from 100 to 150 yards. The 3-9x magnification range on this scope is ample for most shooting applications. This scope’s 40 mm objective lens improves light transmission. This makes it possible for you to use your air rifle in various lighting situations effectively.

It is also coated to ensure that your field of vision is unobstructed. Moreover, the illuminated reticle has five brightness settings. Depending on the lighting conditions, you can use any of these settings and choose the brightness setting that best suits you.

For relentless performance, the scope is filled with nitrogen and O-ring sealed for waterproof and fog proof performance.


  • Toolless windage and elevation adjustments
  • 40mm objective lens
  • Variable 3-9x magnification
  • Illuminated reticle
  • Five brightness settings
  • 7 to 3.3 inches of eye relief
  • Waterproof and fogproof


  • Outstanding optical quality
  • Impeccable light transmission
  • Survives in harsh conditions
  • Multiple illumination settings


  • Pricey


Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Is the Benjamin Marauder accurate?

The performance of the rifle is powerful and has good power and accuracy. Any little game you want to hunt can be successfully shot with the Benjamin Marauder. It can be used in noise-sensitive shooting and hunting situations because you can control the power and the rifle is intrinsically silent.

2.What is a regulated air rifle?

A regulator system typically includes a secondary air chamber (the plenum chamber) that is intended to function at constant pressure. As a result, the main firing valve of the rifle always discharges an exact-metered volume or pressure of air.



You can never go wrong with any of the scopes elucidated above. The scopes deliver value for every buck spent. Grab any of them and take your shooting and hunting experience to the next big level.