Best Fire Rated Gun Safe Under $500

Best Fire Rated Gun Safe Under $500

Best Fire Rated Gun Safe Under $500

Storing your firearm properly is one of the responsibilities of a responsible gun owner. Gun safes are the best for this as not only do they protect your weapon from damage whilst inside the safe, they also ensure intruders and inexperienced hands do not get a hold of your weapon. A specific type of gun safes offer more than just security of your weapon, they also offer fire protection. In this short article, we have reviewed the best fire rated gun safe under $500 to help you get the best. 

Here is a quick list of our favorites based on our personal experiences

#1) First Alert 2092DF-BD First Alert 2092DF-BD 1 hour at 1700°F
#2) AEGIS 1.74 cu.ft Fireproof Safe AEGIS 1.74 cu.ft Fireproof Safe 30 minutes at 1400°F
#3) SentrySafe SFW123FUL Fireproof Waterproof Safe SentrySafe SFW123FUL Fireproof Waterproof Safe 1 hour at 1700°F
#4) SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe 1 hour at 1700°F




Best Fire Rated Gun Safe Under $500

#1) First Alert 2092DF-BD

First Alert 2092DF-BD- Best Fire Rated Gun Safe Under $500



If you are looking for the best fire rated gun safe under $500, the First Alert 2092D is one of the best in the market. It is built to secure your valuables from intruders, floods, and fires. This safe comes with a seal to keep moisture out giving the ultimate waterproof abilities. 

The safe can withstand fire for a whole hour up to 1700 degrees F that is about 927°C while the interior temperature is maintained at less than 350 degrees F. 

The safe comes with a digital keypad, pry-proof hinges, and 4 locking door bolts for security enhancement. It is also fitted with, a removable adjustable shelf, a door pocket, and a hanging key rack that allows you to meticulously organize your valuables. This is not a long gun safe, it is a safe 

Made of durable resin, this safe sports four solid-steel locking door bolts and patented, concealed, pry-resistant Delta hinges to deter thieves. An adjustable, removable shelf allows you to maximize the space inside the safe, while the hanging key rack and door pocket make it easy to organize your belongings

A keypad that is backlit allows you entry to the safe with a 3-8 digit passcode. You also get an override key just in case the keypad does not work. 


  • An interior shelf that is adjustable
  • Pry-proof hinges
  • The door pockets
  • Steel locking door bolts
  • Fireproof rating- 1 hour at 1700°F





#2) AEGIS 1.74 cu.ft Fireproof Safe

AEGIS 1.74 cu.ft Fireproof Safe



Housed in solid steel with a stain-proof powder coat, this safe is one of the best fire rated gun safe under $500. It comes with an electronic digital keypad with an electronic lock that is very easy to set up and operate. A backup key is provided just in case the batteries are not powered up or you forget your code. It can protect your valuables against fire for 30 minutes in up to 1400°F of heat. 

With a pry-proof steel door, pry-proof hinges that are concealed, and live locking bolts this safe offers the ultimate security of your firearm and other valuables. The safe is a huge capacity safe that can store your cash, pistol, and more. 

If you are worried about your valuables getting damaged once inside the safe, the manufacturer lined it with a soft cloth to ensure your gun is protected against scratches and damages. 

Additionally, the safe comes with pre-punched mounting holes so mounting is a breeze. Its hinges are also external hinges which allows you to open the safe at a full 180°. It is a safe ideal for your office or home. 


  • Fireproof rating: 30 minutes of up to 1400°F
  • Electric keypad with an electric lock
  • Emergency backup keys
  • A pry-proof door made with steel
  • Pry-proof hinges
  • Interior lined with a soft cloth
  • Pre-punched mounting holes




#3) SentrySafe SFW123FUL Fireproof Waterproof Safe

SentrySafe SFW123FUL Fireproof Waterproof Safe


The Underwriters Laboratory (UL) classifies this safe as a fireproof safe that can take heat of up to 1700°F for one hour while keeping the interior temperatures low to protect your valuables including your firearm. What is more, the safe is also waterproof in 8 inch deep waters for 24 hours. So you do not need to also get a waterproof safe especially if you live in hurricane-prone areas. 

It uses a digital combination lock for security and it is fitted with 4 live-locking bolts and a pry-proof hinge bar for the ultimate protection of your gun. 

It is recommended that you use alkaline AA batteries for this safe. However, the manufacturer does not provide these batteries, you have to buy them separately. 


  • Weighs 86 pounds
  • Specifications- Interior- 12.6″W  x 11.9″D x 13.8″H  Exterior-16.3″ W x 19.3″D x 17.8″ H
  • Fireproof rating- 60 minutes for up to 1700°F
  • Waterproof in 8-inch deep water for 24 hours
  • Pru-proof hinge, 4 live-locking bolts
  • capacity- 1.23 cubic ft
  • Powered by 4 alkaline batteries- not provided




#4) SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe

SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe- Best Fire Rated Gun Safe Under $500



Weighing at 86.69 pounds, this is one of the best fire rated gun safe under $500. Another Sentrysafe that promises to offer the utmost security to your valuables. It comes with an impressive fire rating of one hour in up to 1700°F of heat while also waterproof at up to 8-inch deep water for up to 24 hours. 

It is the gun safe you get when you want to spend under 500 bucks but still want the best. The safe comes with a digital lock with a one to eight-digit code. The keypad is backlit so you can see what you are keying when visibility is compromised by low lighting. You also get a key, not a backup key, that allows you to disable the code in case the code fell in unauthorized people and you want to make sure they cant open the safe. 

It is fitted with a pry-proof hinge bar that enhances the strength of the door to ensure a forced entry attempt is unsuccessful. With 4 large live locking bolts, this safe takes the protection of your gun and other valuables very seriously. 


  • Interior light for visibility in darkness
  • Fireproof rating- one hour in up to 1700°F
  • Waterproof in 8-inch deep water for 24 hours
  • An interior locking box that you can use to store  your important valuables
  • Digital lock




What we look for in the Best Fire Rated Gun Safe Under $500

Getting a fireproof safe under $500 is not exactly easy. Especially because the market does not have too many of them and what is available is not up to standard. So you need to consider some of these factors before settling on one. 

Fire rating

Some gun safes are certified by the Underwriters Laboratory, a company that specializes in testing and certifying fire ratings for gun safes and other things like fire extinguishers. A rating from this company is important as they are quite trusted. 

They give the time a safe can take up what level of heat. The time rating usually ranges from 30 minutes to 60 minutes with a heat rating ranging from 1400°F and 2000°F. These are okay ratings as if a wildfire passes over a house for like 5 minutes, your valuables in the safe will be intact, and if the house catches fire and it stays burning for more than 20 minutes, your safe will still protect your valuables. 


Some of the gun safes we have reviewed are not only fireproof but also waterproof. This helps especially when water is used to put out the fire. Your gun safe will still be protected. 

The  interior

Considering how the interior of a gun safe looks like is important. The best fire rated gun safe under $500 comes with a lined interior with a soft cloth or high-density foam. This lining is important as it protects your firearm against damage and scratches. The best lining for a gun safe is high-density foam as it also protects your handgun/pistol against damage from impact. 


A fireproof gun safe under $500 will mostly take one or utmost 2 guns without magazines. If you want a fireproof gun safe that can store more of your guns and rifles, then you might consider expanding your budget to  $1000. This range has a lot more to offer than under 500 bucks.  However, if you are looking for a gun safe that is high quality for your pistols/handguns but not fireproof, you can find them here


Best Fire Rated Gun Safe Under $500 FAQs

What is the best gun safe for under 500?

The best gun safe under 500 depends on what you are looking for in a safe. However, the best ones include

  • Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun
  • Awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint
  • SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Safe

What is the best fireproof gun safe?

Fireproof gun safes are not exactly cheap, especially for rifles. We have reviewed the best ones for under $500 but they are for handguns/pistols. For rifles, you will have to go further than 500 dollars. The best fireproof gun safe we can recommend is the Fortress 8-Gun Fireproof Safe. 

It goes for slightly more than 500 dollars with a 30-minute fire rating at 1200°F. Another great one is the SWSD16GUN-EMP that comes with a one-hour fireproof rating at 1875 degrees. 

Are fireproof safes worth it?

Yes, they are. Fireproof safes protect your valuables like cash, guns, and even jewelry from damage in a fire.

Is 30 minute fire protection enough?

This is the most common fire rating there is. However, you can find more protection of 60 minutes and 75 minutes. We can say 30 minutes is sufficient as experts say fires go through houses, with the level of heat starting to reduce after 20 minutes of burning. So a gun safe with a 30-minute rating within the rated level of heat should be able to protect your valuables in case of a fire. 



Based on our experiences, we have reviewed what we can say are among the best fire rated gun safes under $500. Even though the selection is quite limited, we have found the best of what the market has to offer. They have proven, time and again, that they are the best. 

Even though the best fire rated gun safe under $500 depends on your preferences and needs, we hope that you find what you love here!


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