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Best Budget Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

Best Budget Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

Best Budget Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

Can you get the best budget spotting scope for target shooting on the market? The answer is yes. A spotting scope is an important tool for target shooting. It saves you the hassle of walking to see where your shots have landed every time you fire a set of shots. It also helps you to see the target clearly and increases your accuracy when shooting long-range targets.

The best spotting scopes for target shooting don’t have to cost a fortune. Today, you can get an excellent budget spotting scope that’s quality, durable and reliable. But with so many options available on the market, finding the best model target shooting can be a little overwhelming. For your convenience, we have made a list of the best budget spotting scope for target shooting available on the market today. Let’s take a look.

Here is a quick list

#1)Barska 30-90×90 Waterproof Barska 30-90x90 Waterproof
#2) Gosky Updated 20-60×80 Spotting Scope  Gosky Updated 20-60x80 Spotting Scope
#3) Spotting Scope, Huicocy 20-60x60mm Spotting Scope, Huicocy 20-60x60mm
#4)Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A  Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A
#5)CREATIVE XP Spotting Scope CREATIVE XP 2021 Spotting Scope
#6)Celestron Ultima 100 Spotting Scope Celestron Ultima 100 Spotting Scope


Criteria for Choosing the Best Budget Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

When shopping for the best budget spotting for target shooting, these are some of the important factors you should consider that should help you make the right buying decision.

Straight vs Angled

There are two types of spotting scopes on the market, straight and angled. Both models have their own pros and cons.

Angled spotting scopes are the best for target shooting. They give you a more comfortable viewing experience, particularly during long viewing sessions. They also allow you to change the eyepiece to different angles until you achieve a position that’s most comfortable.

Straight spotting scopes are only ideal for viewing targets that are the same height as you. They also tend to weigh less so they are easy to carry around.

If you are looking to use a tripod when shooting, go for an angled spotting scope.


When it comes to target shooting, you don’t have to use a spotting scope with extremely high magnification. Typically, your target will be up to 1000 yards or less so an extra-high magnification might be overkill. The best budget spotting scope for target shooting comes with a variable magnification of 20-60x will be sufficient.

Field of View

A scope with a decent field of view will make your target shooting expedition more successful. If your entire focus will be on a single target, you don’t have to worry much about the field of view that the scope offers. However, if you are shooting scattered target points, you’ll want your scope to give you a broader view that accommodates all the target points. A model with about 60 to 120 feet at 1000 yards will suffice.

Glass Quality

The other important factor you should consider while looking for the best budget spotting scope for target shooting is glass quality. To ensure that hit your target points accurately, you need to have the clearest. Good quality lens not only provides clear views but also facilitate optimum light transmission for bright and color-accurate images. Go for a spotting scope that has fully multi-coated ED glass.

Eye Relief

The amount of eye relief that the spotting scope provides will directly affect how comfortable your viewing will be. This is particularly the case if you wear eyeglasses. Having a model that offers a long eye relief is important whether you wear the eyeglasses or not. The minimum requirement for target shooting is 18mm.


Mother Nature is always unpredictable. You can leave the house when the sun is shining bright and have the weather conditions change abruptly when in the shooting range. In such a situation, you’ll want your spotting scope to withstand weather inclemently. The best budget spotting scope for target shooting comes gas-filled or purged to prevent internal fogging and O-ring sealed for total waterproof performance,


Even on a budget, it’s important that you get a spotting scope that’s well-made to provide long-lasting durability. The best budget spotting scope for target shooting is one that is durable and sturdy and can stand up to anything that comes its way. Also look for a scope that has durable rubber armor as it cushions it from accidental falls, bumps, and shock.

Best Budget Spotting Scope for Target Shooting Reviews

#1)Barska 30-90×90 Waterproof

Barska 30-90x90 Waterproof



Barska’s Colorado spotter scope comes with everything you need to transform your target shooting experience for the better. It has a wide and versatile magnification suitable for both close-range observation and long-range shooting. It also comes with a tripod for steady viewing at higher magnification.

The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport to and from the shooting range. The generous eye relief provides snug viewing during long shooting sessions, while the side focus knob provides fine image focus even at high magnifications. This spotting scope also boasts fully-coated optics for clear views and a built-in sunshade that reduces glare when shooting bright sun.

With an angled body design, this spotting scope provides a very comfortable viewing experience. Above all, it’s fully waterproof so it’s safe for use in all weather conditions. Overall, it is an excellent spotting scope for target shooting and other outdoor applications.

Key Features

  • BK-7 glass
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable design
  • Table-top tripod included
  • Fully-coated optics
  • Wide 30-90x zoom range
  • Built-in sunshade for glare protection
  • Side-focusing knob
  • Angled body design
  • Waterproof construction




#2) Gosky Updated 20-60×80 Spotting Scope 

Gosky Updated 20-60x80 Spotting Scope



The Gosky Updated 20-60×80 Spotting Scope is a highly versatile spotting scope ideal for multiple outdoor applications among them target shooting. Featuring a variable 20-60x zoom, this spotting scope is ideal for both short and long-range target shooting. It also provides clear views in all magnification settings.

With a 45-degree angled eyepiece, this scope gives you comfortable viewing all through. It comes with tripod for added stability and easy rotation of the eyepiece. The large 80mm objective lens collects ample light for detailed viewing and gives you a wide field of view range. Additionally, the fully multi-coated eyepiece lens increases light transmission for clear and bright images.

This spotting scope is built to provide many years of field use. It has a durable framework and a durable rubber armor which cushions it from shock and impacts. It’s also fully waterproof and shockproof so you can use it in all weather conditions. In addition to everything else, the spotting scope comes with a quick aligned phone adapter that you can use to take pictures and videos of your shooting practice.

Key Features

  • Variable 20-60x zoom
  • 45-degree angled eyepiece
  • Sturdy and durable framework
  • Smart Digiscoping adapter
  • Fully multi-coated green film eyepiece
  • Waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof
  • Tabletop full metal tripos and tripod mount
  • Durable rubber armor
  • Rotatable eyepiece and retractable sunshade
  • Quality BaK4 Porro prism optics




#3) Spotting Scope, Huicocy 20-60x60mm

Spotting Scope, Huicocy 20-60x60mm



Next on our best budget spotting scope for target shooting review is the Huicocy Spotting Scope 20-60x60mm. This spotting scope features a large 60mm objective lens for optimal light collection. The lens is fully coated with a green film coating to provide clearer vision in different light conditions. It also features BAK4 prism for excellent light transmission needed for bright, clear, and sharp views.

With the 20-60x magnification, you can use the spotting scope for both short and long-range applications. The retractable eyepiece blocks the sunlight from entering the eyepiece, while the retractable sunshade reduces glare when you are shooting in broad daylight.

When it comes to construction, the spotting scope is built to handle everything that comes it’s way. It has a durable aluminum framework that enhances strength and durability while keeping weight at a minimum. The rubber armor structure provides additional durability and a secure and non-slip grip. Above all, the spotting scope is fully waterproof and fog proof for all-weather reliability.

Key Features

  • Phone adapter
  • 20-60x magnification
  • Wide field of view
  • Waterproof and fog-proof function
  • Durable rubber armor
  • Retractable eyepiece
  • Built-in sunshade
  • Durable yet the lightweight aluminum framework
  • Focusing tube
  • BaK4 prims
  • Fully multi-coated green film lens coating



#4)Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A 

Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A



If you prefer spotting scopes that have an angled eyepiece design, the Vanguard Endeavor HD 82A spotting scope suits you. This budget scope has virtually everything you need for target shooting. It’s simple to use and very comfortable on your eyes.

Featuring premium ED glass, this spotting scope provides excellent detail and bright images. The advanced MultiGuard coatings facilitate maximum light transmission for high-quality image views. The long eye relief reduces eye strain and fatigue during long viewing sessions, while the dual focus wheel facilitates fine and coarse adjustment.

This spotting scope is fairly light for easy portability to and from the range. The magnesium body has a rubber armor that absorbs shock and impacts for added durability. Furthermore, this device has an integrated sunshade to remove glare in direct sunlight and a waterproof and fog proof construction for all-weather reliability.

Key Features

  • Long eye relief
  • 100% waterproof and fog proof
  • Advanced MultiGuard lens coatings
  • Rubber armored magnesium body
  • Built-in sunshade
  • Premium ED glass
  • Dual focus wheel for fine and coarse adjustment
  • Removable angled eyepiece




#5)CREATIVE XP  Spotting Scope

CREATIVE XP 2021 Spotting Scope



The CREATIVE XP Spotting Scope is a HD spotting scope that provides bright and clear viewing at all magnification settings. This budget spotting scope has a variable 20-60x magnification and a large 60mm objective lens. It stays accurate at all ranges and provides clear views without any chromatic aberrations.

The spotting scope is simple to use and beginner-friendly. It’s simple to zoom in and focus quickly. The fully multi-coated optics facilitate optimum light transmission for brilliant and clear target views. The same coating used helps make the lenses scratch-proof.

The eye relief is adjustable for comfortable viewing with or without eyeglasses. The non-slip rubber cover cushions the scope from falls, impacts, and bumps for extra durability. Additionally, the spotting scope is nitrogen purged to prevent internal lens fogging and O-ring sealed for total waterproof protection. With all these features, this scope offers great value for money.

Key Features

  • Sturdy eyepiece
  • Non-slip rubber cover
  • Fully waterproof and fog proof
  • Compatible with a wide range of tripods
  • 80mm objective lens
  • Versatile 20-60x magnification
  • Adjustable eye relief
  • 2 fine focus knobs
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • BAK-4 Porro prism
  • Phone adapter



#6)Celestron Ultima 100 Spotting Scope

Celestron Ultima 100 Spotting Scope



Here is another excellent budget spotting scope that works well for target shooting. It comes with a giant 100mm objective lens and a variable 22-66x magnification. It provides outstanding performance in all light conditions and gives you clear target views across all magnification settings.

The scope has a sight tube for quick targeting and a 45-degree viewing angle which is very comfortable on the eyes. The smooth focus knob allows you to bring the target into sharp focus for accurate shot placement.

This spotting scope is fully water-resistant for all-weather reliability. The multi-coated optics enhance light transmission so you can get clear views of the targets you are shooting. Besides, the whole product is covered with rubber armor which enhances durability. Lastly, it has a soft carrying case included for convenient portability.

Key Features

  • 100mm objective lens
  • Variable 22-66x magnification
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Multi-coated optics
  • Durable rubber armor
  • Smooth focus knob
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 45-degree viewing angle
  • Sight tube for quick targeting
  • Soft carrying case



Best Budget Spotting Scope for Target Shooting Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far can you see with a spotter scope?

This will largely depend on the spotting scope that you are using. The best budget spotting scopes provide clear views of targets that are between 25 yards and 100 yards. If you want to reach further, look for a higher-end model but be prepared to pay more.

  • Can you use a spotting scope without a tripod?

Yes, you can. However, holding a spotting scope isn’t recommended. Your hands will cause a lot of shakes so you won’t have the best views. To avoid this, it’s important that you set your spotting scope on a stable base such as a tripod.

  • Are spotting scopes good for target shooting?

Yes. Spotting scopes provide the right magnification needed to see distant targets clearly. You’ll increase your odds of successful target shooting when you use a spotting scope compared with when you shoot with your naked eyes.



Hopefully, this best budget spotting scope for target shooting review has been helpful and you are now able to make the right buying decision. Spotting scopes for target shooting fall under different price categories to meet the needs of different users. All the scopes listed above are affordable but quality. Get any one of them and use it to develop your shooting skills.