Top 7 Best Biometric Long Gun Safe

Best Biometric Long Gun Safe

Best Biometric Long Gun Safe

With the evolution of technology, biometric gun safes are now more popular compared to traditional gun safes. Over the years, they have increased in popularity, they come with improved technology and their prices have greatly decreased. Now, they are more budget-friendlier options available for all the responsible gun owners out there. The best biometric long gun safe is now more reliable, easily accessible, and the future of proper storage of guns.

You can quickly access your firearm just by placing your finger on the scanner. You don’t have to worry about forgetting your code or fumbling your safe keys right in the middle of an emergency. Biometric gun safes are the future.

Here is a quick list

Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifles Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifles
Bonnlo Biometric Rifle Safe, Fingerprint Rifle Gun Safe


Bonnlo Biometric Rifle Safe, Fingerprint Rifle Gun Safe
Langger Biometric Rifle Gun Safe Langger Biometric Rifle Gun Safe
Moutec Large Biometric Rifle Safe Moutec Large Biometric Rifle Safe
BARSKA Quick and Easy Large Access Biometric Rifles BARSKA Quick and Easy Large Access Biometric Rifles
Biometric Rifle Gun Safe Biometric Rifle Gun Safe

Best Biometric Long Gun Safe Comprehensive Review

#1) Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifles

Barska Quick and Easy Access Biometric Rifles- Best Biometric Long Gun Safe




The Barska Quick Access safe is for the long gun owner who is passionate about his guns as well as their safety. This long gun safe is a piece of magnificent equipment capable of holding up to 4 rifles. Positioned as a budget-friendly option, you get a high-quality product at a good price.

At an impressive time of 2.5 seconds, this safe offers one of the quickest ways to access it. The fingerprint scanner can store up to 120 fingerprints which allows you to store prints for all your fingers. This is important. During high-stress situations, you don’t have the time to remember which finger is for access, you can easily place any finger on the scanner to access the safe.

Fashioned from 14-gauge steel, with pry-resistant hinges and a 3 point locking system to boot, this safe offers one of the most secure ways of storing your handgun.

It is powered by 4AA batteries and comes with 4 pre-drilled holes for ease of mounting. 


  • It is a budget-friendly biometric safe for long guns. 
  • Easy to mount
  • Can store an impressive number of fingerprints
  • Can hold up to 4 rifles


  • Not fireproof or waterproof



#2) Bonnlo Biometric Rifle Safe, Fingerprint Rifle Gun Safe

Bonnlo Biometric Rifle Safe, Fingerprint Rifle Gun Safe




This large long gun safe is the next on our best biometric long gun safe review. It comes with three ways of access with the primary one being the biometric system. The other two are two keys for emergency and a nine-digit keypad you can program your pin. The last two are useful when the fingerprint scanner fails. What’s more, as a way to enhance security, an alarm automatically goes off after 5 attempts at gaining access fail and only stops when there is a successful entry made. 

This safe can store up to 5 long guns and a lockbox is fitted for storing your handguns and other valuables. Additionally, it comes with pre-drilled holes so you can easily mount it or anchor it to your preferred location. 

It is constructed using pry-proof heavy-duty steel and the interior is carpeted to protect your guns against damage. It also comes fitted with removable LED  lights so you can easily see in the dark. 

This safe is an excellent choice for anyone on the market for a biometric long gun safe. 


  • Comes with mounting hardware and pre-drilled holes
  • 3 ways to access- Fingerprints, keypad, manual keys
  • Interior LED light that is a motion sensor
  • Can store up to 30 fingerprints
  • Comes with a provision for storing your handguns and other valuables- A small interior box on top of the safe
  • Comes with 4 AA batteries needed to operate


  • The safe running on AA batteries might be an issue to some




#3) Langger Biometric Rifle Gun Safe

Langger Biometric Rifle Gun Safe- Best Biometric Long Gun Safe



The Langger Biometric Gun safe is an excellent choice for a biometric long gun safe that is both large capacity and high quality. It comes with a removable shelf that you can remove for more space and a separate lockbox at the top for you to store your handguns or other valuables. 

You can access this safe in three different ways, a biometric system, keypad, or manual keys. To enhance security, this safe comes with the option to activate silent mode. What that means is the safe sends out a warning sound after 5 failed entry attempts.  

The heavy-duty steel used for construction enhances security while the pre-drilled holes allow you to easily mount the safe at a place of your choice. 


  • It doesn’t take up much space
  • Comes with tamper-proof interior edges
  • Gives a warning when someone tries to access the safe-alarm goes off after 5 failed attempts
  • Large capacity long gun safe
  • Comes with 4AA batteries and  one emergency battery pack


What to Consider when looking for the Best Biometric Long Gun Safe

Capacity and Size

Before you settle on a safe, consider the number of long guns you have and even more so, the number you plan on buying in the future. The size of the safe matters too. You can get a safe that can easily store more guns but ensure it has space to easily put or remove the guns without hassle. The best biometric long gun safe also comes with enough safe for your important documents and some even go a step further and have provision for handgun storage.

Also, make sure you have space for storing the long gun safe. You don’t want a situation where you have bought a huge safe but nowhere to put it.


Due to their sizes and construction, long gun safes high-quality gun safes can sometimes be heavy. Ensure you get a safe that has a balance between not too heavy to transport it home and not too light for an intruder to easily carry away.


If you want to mount or anchor your biometric long gun safe down, choose one that comes with pre-drilled holes. Mounting or anchoring your safe adds extra security as it will be hard for thieves to carry it with them. Due to the fact, safe walls are usually quite thick, drilling mounting holes on your own can be quite difficult. To that end, it is advisable to get a safe with pre-drilled mounting holes.


The best biometric long gun safe is made of heavy-duty steel. 6-7 gauge steel is ideal but can be quite expensive. You can opt for 10-11 gauge of steel if you are working with a tight budget.

External Hinges or Internal Hinges

With external hinges, you can easily open the long gun safe up to 180 degrees while with internal hinges, the door can only be opened up to 90 degrees. Long gun safes with external hinges allow you to remove the door if you are transporting the safe which also poses a security challenge as even thieves can choose to do that. Internal hinges, on the other hand, cannot be removed since they are, well, internal.

So you can choose a safe with external hinges for easier accessibility or a safe with internal hinges for better security.

Product specifications

While scouting for the best biometric long gun safe you will notice a few numbers and ratings.

Steel gauge– steel gauge measures the thickness of the steel used when constructing the safe. Surprisingly, the lower the number, the thicker the steel used which then translates to a higher price. So if you are comparing between two long gun safes with the same capacity and features but one is indicated as having 10 steel gauge and the other 7 steel gauge, the 7 steel gauge long gun safe has thicker steel than the 10 steel gauge.

Long gun biometric safes with ½” to ⅜” steel gauge means the steel used is thicker.


How safe is the safe? You’d be surprised to learn that some safes aren’t quite safe, to begin with. This is why considering things like their fire ratings or RSC certifications are important.

RSC- Residential Security Container. The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) give out the RSC certification. They put the safe under rigorous testing like drilling, prying, and tampering with different tools for a different amount of time, which can be 5 minutes or 10 minutes. Then they certify the safe. It may not be much, but their ratings give you a sense of the safe’s security


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best biometric handgun safe?

  1. awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification and Biometric Lock

2. Biometric Gun Safe for Pistols

Is a fireproof gun safe worth it?

Yes, it is worth it. Fireproof gun safes help protect your valuables in the event of a fire for a period of time. Ensure you know for how long a gun safe can protect your valuables and to what degree. They vary for all gun safes, some might be 60 minutes others less than that.

Are fingerprint safes secure?

The best fingerprint safes are more secure compared to the keypad or manual keys gun safes. Kids or prying eyes can easily memorize your passcode or find out where you store your keys but that might be hard for your fingerprints.



As a responsible gun owner, it is your responsibility to keep your firearm safe and secure. A biometric safe is a medium between security for your firearm and quick access in case you need it.

During our extensive research, we have noted that biometric long gun safes are not as many compared to biometric handgun safes. Nonetheless, we have found the best biometric long gun safes that are high performance and of the highest quality for you. We understand that the best biometric long gun safe for you entirely depends on your situation and preference so we have given you a variety of options to choose from.