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Best Archery Rangefinder Under $200

Best Archery Rangefinder Under $200

Best Archery Rangefinder Under $200

If you are an avid archer or bowhunter, a rangefinder is an indispensable asset to have. A good quality rangefinder will with no doubt improve your archery experience especially when you are shooting distant targets. It shows you the correct distance so you can make an accurate, faultless shot and avoid breaking the arrows. The best archery rangefinder under $200 comes with precise and fast readings, a notable detection range as well as scan detection range.

 However, given the wide selection of rangefinders available on the market today, choosing the best archery rangefinder is not as easy as it seems. Getting the best model can be taxing especially if you are on a budget. For your convenience, we have a detailed review of the best archery rangefinder under $200 that are highly accurate and functional. Let’s take a look.

Here is a quick list in case you don’t have time for a short read

#1) AOFAR HX-1200T Archery Rangefinder AOFAR HX-1200T Archery Rangefinder
#2) Bushnell 6x24mm Prime Bushnell 6x24mm Prime
#3) WOSPORTS Archery Range Finder WOSPORTS Archery Range Finder
#4) Visiocrest Laser Range Finder Visiocrest Laser Range Finder
#5) AOFAR Hunting Range Finder AOFAR Hunting Range Finder


How to Choose the Best Archery Rangefinder under $200

When buying the best archery rangefinder under $200, it’s important that you consider these factors in order to make the correct buying decision.

Scan Mode

A good rangefinder for archery should come with a scan mode. A scan mode is essential in that it helps you analyze the area in front of you before you take a shot. It also offers provision for elevation between you and your target and gives you great accuracy when aiming the bow. Some models also come with a scan mode which helps to provide consistent targeting and range measurement of the target.


The ideal range for archery rangefinders largely depends on individual hunting habits. For that reason, we cannot possibly crown one rangefinder as the best archery rangefinder under $200.  For most archers, a short and mid-range is appropriate. The reason behind this is that most crossbows are made for short and mid-range shooting since an arrow can’t travel too far.

With that in mind, it’s important that you get a rangefinder that provides accurate measurements for your intended range. If you are a beginner, go for a rangefinder that gives accurate coverage for a range between 300 and 400 yards. On the other hand, if you are an experienced archer and you intend to take your skills to the next level, you should look for a device that can cover 1,000 yards or more.


Magnification is the other important element that you need to consider when choosing an archery rangefinder. While most archery takes place in short and medium ranges, a good optical power will bring far-off subjects closer and help improve your accuracy. Magnification also helps with the initial spotting of the target.

Typically, rangefinders with 5x or 6x magnification are ideal for archery and crossbow hunting. They provide ample optical power to spot prey at a distance without getting too close to it. Low magnification power also makes the rangefinder less expensive.

Optical Coatings

An archery rangefinder will be of no help if it provides blurred images. So, make sure that the product you are eyeing has a high-quality optical system. The lens should have high-quality coatings to enhance light transmission and give you bright and crisp images. Lens coating also reduces glare and light reflection to provide a much clearer view even in low light conditions. This will help you to analyze the distance of the target smoothly for an effective aim.


You are going to use an archery rangefinder outdoor where it will be subjected to harsh and rough conditions. This calls for a unit that’s built tough to stand anything thrown at it. Make sure that the rangefinder you choose to buy is exceptionally durable so you’ll get many years out of it.  The best archery rangefinder under $200 should be fully waterproof so you are not limited to using it only when the weather conditions are favorable.

Close Target Sensitivity

A rangefinder with a close target sensitivity feature is very important in archery. Since archery involves close and mid-range shooting, a device with poor sensitivity minimizes your ability to focus on the target. This can interfere with your accuracy.

Make sure that the product you are eyeing offers close target sensitivity. This will not only help you stay consistent when analyzing the range of your target, but it will also help keep you focused. The end result is a more successful shooting experience.


Best Archery Rangefinder Under $200 Reviews

#1) AOFAR HX-1200T Archery Rangefinder

AOFAR HX-1200T Archery Rangefinder- Best Archery Rangefinder Under $200



The AOFAR HX-1200T Range Finder is capable of ranging up to 1200 yards. This helps you to keep an eye on your target without getting too close. It also boasts an advanced AI technology for greater accuracy and a hunting mode that supports both angle and horizontal distance for any circumstance.

With the 6x magnification, this range finder brings distant targets closer. It not only offers great accuracy at varying ranges, but it also provides a fast measurement for quick target acquisition. The automatic power-off after no operation helps preserve the battery life, while the angle and slope horizontal distance technology provide accurate readings when shooting/hunting in uphill or downhill.

Another good thing about this rangefinder is that it’s compact, lightweight and portable. It’s made with high-quality materials to enhance durability. To top it all, this rangefinder has a waterproof construction so you can use it even when it’s raining.

Key Features

  • Latest AI technology with pin seeker
  • Fast measurement and high accuracy
  • Angle and horizontal distance technology
  • Automatic power-off after no operation in 8 seconds
  • Waterproof construction
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • Durable construction
  • 1200 yards maximum detection range




#2) Bushnell 6x24mm Prime

Bushnell 6x24mm Prime




As one of the best archery rangefinder under $200, the Bushnell prime 1700 laser rangefinder is a feature-rich option that provides great versatility in archery and bowhunting. It’s ergonomic and lightweight design makes it comfortable to handle and carry in the field.

This laser rangefinder is well-made to endure harsh outdoor conditions. It’s crafted with high-quality materials which make it durable, shockproof, and impact-resistant. An EXO barrier is added to the exterior lenses to shed off water, oil, fog, and dust. This creates a good bond between the lens and the rangefinder’s shell and also protects the rangefinder from elements of mother nature while providing clear views throughout.

With the 6x magnification, the Prime 1700 rangefinder makes it easier for you to identify distant targets. The high-quality all-glass optical system provides premium-quality images, while the 24mm objective lens is fully multi-coated to provide bright and vivid target views.

Moreover, this device has a two-lens system and a powerful laser diode for more accurate ranging. It also comes with an Angle Range Compensation (ARC) technology which accounts for terrain angle and gives you the true distance to your target on either uphill or downhill field conditions. Overall, it’s an important tool to have if you want to create a more efficient archery experience.

Key Features

  • 6x magnification
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Fully multi-coated lens
  • 24mm objective lens
  • 1700 yards maximum range
  • Angle Range Compensation (ARC) technology
  • Scan mode
  • EXO barrier that repels water, oil, fog, and dust
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design




#3) WOSPORTS Archery Range Finder

WOSPORTS Archery Range Finder


The WOSPORTS Hunting Rangefinder is one of the cheapest archery rangefinders on the market today. Though cheap, the rangefinder doesn’t compromise on its quality. It provides fast focus and high precision which most archers and bow hunters find handy. It’s very easy to use and ideal for users regardless of their skills and expertise.

This multipurpose rangefinder has a detection range of up to 800 yards. It gives accurate range readings from 5 yards to 800 yards. The ergonomic design makes it easy to handle in the field, while the waterproof and dustproof construction overcomes every environmental challenge you subject it to.

This device has a fixed optical power that’s rated at 6x. This helps bring the targets that are far away closer and enhance your accuracy. The lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver around with, while the camo color helps camouflage your hunting position. Lastly, this rangefinder comes with a scan mode which is highly accurate.

Key Features

  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • 6x magnification
  • 800 yards maximum detection range
  • Scan mode
  • Fast focus and high precision
  • Large LCD display
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Speed mode




#4) Visiocrest Laser Range Finder

Visiocrest Laser Range Finder- Best Archery Rangefinder Under $200



If you are looking for the best archery rangefinder under $200, the Visiocrest laser rangefinder is specially made for the professional outdoor enthusiast. It comes with every feature you need to make your outdoor adventure activity better and worthwhile. It’s easy to use, highly accurate, and versatile as well.

This range finder offers 5 powerful modes. You can choose from ranging, flagpole, speed, scan, and fog. Other than that, this rangefinder offers fast distance readings and great accuracy. It gives you accurate distance measurements up to 1093 yards with a +/- 1yard. This is great for detecting targets that are far off. It also provides bright and clear images for easy target identification.

This cost-effective device is durably made to provide many years of field use. The high-quality construction withstands anything you throw at it. The lens features premium multi-layer coatings to provide exceptional optical clarity, while the conquer fog mode gives you great accuracy despite bad weather that causes poor visibility. Above all, the rangefinder has a compact and lightweight design so it’s pretty easy to carry around.

Key Features

  • 905nm laser
  • Versatile applications
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Premium multi-coated lens
  • Conquer fog mode
  • Sees clearly for over 1000yards away
  • 5 modes: Ranging, flagpole, speed, scan, and fog
  • Long-lasting battery
  • 6x magnification




#5) AOFAR Hunting Range Finder

AOFAR Hunting Range Finder- Best Archery Rangefinder Under $200


The AOFAR HX-700N hunting range finder utilizes the latest technology to give you accurate and fast shooting. It features advanced pin sensor technology and a maximum range detection of 700 yards. You can use it for hunting and shooting, not just archery.

This range finder is built to provide excellent performance all through. The 6x magnification works well for both close and medium-range targets, while the fog mode gives you clear views even in bad weather days. Not to mention the IPX4 waterproof structure which provides reliable all-weather performance.

Weighing just 180g, this product is perfect to carry for archery and hunting. The compact dimensions make it comfortable to handle and operate. It also features a continuous scan which helps you to identify your targets smoothly and 4 modes; range, scan, fog, and speed for use in any circumstance.

Key Features

  • 700yards maximum detection range
  • Lightweight, compact and portable
  • Four different modes
  • 6x magnification
  • Advanced pin sensor technology
  • Accuracy with +/- 1 yard
  • Waterproof and dust-resistant
  • Automatic power-off after no operation in 8 seconds
  • Fast measurement



The Best Archery Rangefinder Under $200 Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do rangefinders work?

Rangefinders release laser beams that bounce off far-off targets. When the laser beam is emitted, the rangefinder’s internal high-speed clock times how much time it takes when they leave the rangefinder until they come back. This gives you an accurate measurement of how far your target is.

  • Why do rangefinders measure in yards for bowhunters?

Most rangefinders measure in yards because it’s easier for the human mind to interpret. If the distance measured is displayed in small increments like feet, it can be challenging for the hunter especially the beginners to interpret. While feet measurements are more common, yards on the other hand are considered to be a more natural unit of measurement.

  • Is a rangefinder necessary for archery?

Yes. A rangefinder for archery is considered an indispensable tool to have. It shows you how far your target is so you can make a good aim and hit it accurately. However, it’s still possible to hit your target without one.

  • Can you use a golf rangefinder for archery?

Yes, you can. A golf rangefinder can be used for archery and the other way round. In most cases, the best archery rangefinders are multipurpose, so you can use them for other applications such as hunting and golfing, not just archery.



It’s my hope that this post gives you insight into the best archery rangefinder under $200. Remember that the best archery rangefinder should have the right features for range detection. It should also be well-made so you will get many years out of it. Get any rangefinder listed above and transform your archery experience for the better without having to spend a fortune.



Disclaimer: By the time of this review went up, all the rangefinders were under $200. Prices may change depending.