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Best Prismatic Red Dot Sight

If you are in the market for the best Prismatic red dot sight, you have come to the right place. In today’s post, we will take you through many prismatic red dot sights available on the market currently.

In the last few years, the popularity prismatic red dot sights has been on the rise among hunters and tactical shooters. This is largely because they are more compact, simple to use and easier to acquire targets than the standard variable scopes.

We have also shared some of the key factors you should consider when making your selection.

Let’s take a look.

5 Best Prismatic Red Dot Sight

1) Athlon Optics Midas TSP3 3x28mm Prismatic Red Dot Sights

Athlon Optics Midas TSP3 3x28mm Prismatic Red Dot Sights



The Athlon Optics Midas TSP3 is arguably the best prismatic red dot sight today. Adding this optic to your firearm will help you swiftly acquire targets at short and medium ranges and boost your shooting accuracy.

The prism design provides brilliantly vivid image views in any environment. This aids in quick target identification. Furthermore, the long focal length will help you achieve the magnification you need to reach targets at extended ranges.

Another outstanding feature of this unit is its excellent optical reliability. You can match the reticle depending on the specific lighting condition with the multiple reticle brightness settings. Better yet, the premium glass optics are fully multi-coated to ensure you get bright and clear views of targets.

When it comes to construction, the optic has robust aircraft-quality aluminum housing that offers exceptional strength and mechanical integrity as well. It is also heat-treated to add durability, and you can use it under any weather thanks to its waterproof and fog-proof construction.


  • Smart power management system
  • Water, fog and shock proof design
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • 3x fixed magnification
  • Glass-etched reticle
  • One-piece chassis construction


  • Clear prism optics
  • Excellent quality for the price
  • Easy to use
  • Crisp clear reticle


  • Smaller eye relief



2) Athlon Optics Midas TSP4 3.9x30mm Prismatic Red Dot Sights

Athlon Optics Midas TSP4 3.9x30mm Prismatic Red Dot Sights


When you want to hone your shooting skills, a quality optic like the Midas TSP4 3.9x30mm Prismatic Red Dot Sight is handy. It will boost your shooting accuracy and help you easily find targets, even in the most difficult environments.

Featuring multiple illumination settings, the optic allows you to adjust the brightness based on the ambient light settings. The reticle is etched on the glass to offer greater durability and recoil resistance, and it stays visible even without illumination.

Furthermore, the optic is built to offer unmatched durability. It has a robust mechanical system which provides the ultimate recoil resistance. Better yet, the 1-piece chassis is heat treated to offer greater strength, and with the waterproof and fog proof design, you can hunt or shoot confidently under any weather.

Above all, this device possesses fully multi-coated optics that increase light transmission for bright and clear-sight pictures.


  • Glass-etched reticle
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum housing
  • Water, fog and shockproof
  • Smart power management system
  • 9x fixed magnification
  • Fully multi-coated optics


  • Easy to setup and use
  • Well-made to last long
  • Multiple illumination settings
  • Red/green reticle illumination


  • Less accommodating eye relief



3) Burris AR-536 Prism 5x 36mm Tactical Red Dot Sight

Burris AR-536 Prism 5x 36mm Tactical Red Dot Sight


The Burris AR-536 Prism Red Dot Sight is ideal for tactical operations and friendly competitions. With the 5x fixed magnification, the optic will let you engage targets at 600 yards and still get bright, clear image views.

It brings to the table five illumination settings to improve your visuals under any lighting condition. Further, it boasts multi-coated lenses that offer brilliantly clear sight pictures even when shooting in dismal environments.

With a weight of 18.75oz only, this device has a manageable weight that makes mobility more convenient. It is waterproof for all weather conditions and resistant to recoil and rough handling. Other essential features included are an adjustable diopter and three Picatinny rail mounting points.


  • 5x magnification
  • Ballistic CQ reticle with green and red illumination
  • Recoil and abuse resistant
  • Waterproof design
  • 3 Picatinny mounting brackets


  • Multiple illumination settings
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Great value for the price
  • Lightweight and compact design


  • Not night vision compatible



4) SIG SAUER Bravo5 5x30mm Prismatic Battle Red Dot Sight

SIG SAUER Bravo5 5x30mm Prismatic Battle Red Dot Sight


Next up is the SIG SAUER Bravo5 Prismatic Battle Red Dot Sight. Pairing this optic with your firearm will greatly increase your shooting accuracy and the speed of acquiring targets.

It is made with a MegaView system combining an advanced prism and ocular design to give you a wide, unobstructed field of view. This helps make Target find a walk in the park. It also boasts premium quality low dispersion glass lens, which provides bright and vivid sight pictures with superior edge-to-edge sharpness.

Furthermore, the optic is made from aluminum which optimizes strength and durability. It has a dependable IPX-8 waterproof rating and won’t fog up when you move between two environments with a huge temperature gradient.

The Bravo5 Prismatic Battle Red Dot Sight has a Motion Activated Illumination technology that offers optimal operational safety and enhanced battery life.


  • Dependable IPX-8 waterproof rating
  • Premium Low Dispersion glass
  • 5x fixed magnification
  • Adjustable eyepiece


  • Massive field of view
  • Crisp clear image views
  • Good for users with astigmatism
  • Bright reticle


  • A little heavy
  • Vulnerable front lens



5) Sightmark Wolfhound 3×24 HS-223 Prismatic Weapon Red Dot Sight

Sightmark Wolfhound 3x24 HS-223 Prismatic Weapon Red Dot Sight


The Sightmark Wolfhound HS-223 is a prismatic red dot sight that offers meticulous accuracy for close to medium-range shots. It is also ideal for hunting, 3-gun competitions and law enforcement applications.

With this red dot sight, you can trust it to perform even under the most challenging shooting situations. It has robust, fully waterproof, dustproof and fog-resistant housing even in extreme weather conditions. Moreover, it is designed to be operable in a wide range of temperatures from -40 to 122℉.

Another feature that makes this device shine is its superb optical performance. The prismatic optical system delivers crisp and sharp image views, while the fully multi-coated optics increase light transmission to offer outstanding low-light performance. It also possesses a red/green reticle illumination, so you can aim with greater accuracy under any light settings.


  • Scratch resistant lenses
  • 3x fixed magnification
  • Prismatic optical system
  • Waterproof, shockproof and nitrogen purged
  • Fully multi-coated optics


  • Low power profile
  • Affordable pricing
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Crisp reticle
  • Bright and vivid sight picture


  • Poor eye relief



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Factors to Consider when Choosing a Prismatic Red Dot Sight


Both hunting and competitive/tactical shooting require a well-built optic to handle anything you subject it to. Look for a prismatic red dot sight made from magnesium alloy, aircraft-grade aluminum or any other sturdy materials. The good thing about the materials is that they are both durable and lightweight

Brightness Setting

Next, you should look at the number of brightness adjustments the optic offers. This is particularly important if you plan to use different light settings. The more brightness settings the optic has, the more applicable it will be in different environments and light settings.

Lens Quality

The quality of the lens a prismatic red dot sight uses determined the overall quality of the images generated. You will want your optic to deliver high-quality sight pictures even when shooting in adverse light settings.

To achieve this, use a unit that utilizes premium quality glass, preferably ED, XD, HD or any other quality glass. On top of that, ensure that the prismatic red dot sight has its lens fully multi-coated or fully-coated. With proper lens coatings comes optimal light transmission and added protection from scratches and dirt.

Magnification Power

The magnification power in prismatic red dot sights varies from one unit to the other. Typically, your ideal magnification will depend on the shooting distance and whether you will use the optic for hunting, shooting in the range or any other magnification. Any model with between 3x and 5x is sufficient for most applications.

Eye Relief

Don’t forget to check on how much eye relief the prismatic red dot sight offers, especially if you wear eyeglasses. This is the maximum distance from your eye to the eyepiece of your red dot sight. Get a unit that offers long eye relief so you can glass comfortably with or without eyeglasses.


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FAQs on the Best Prismatic Red Dot Sight

1) What is a prismatic red dot sight?

A prismatic red dot sight is a type of optical sight that combines the benefits of a traditional scope and a red dot sight. It uses a prism-based design to focus the incoming light and project a reticle onto the target. The reticle is typically illuminated with a red dot or other shapes for quick target acquisition.

2)What are some popular prismatic red dot sight brands?

Several reputable brands produce high-quality prismatic red dot sights. Some popular brands include Trijicon, Vortex Optics, Primary Arms, Burris, Aimpoint, and Holosun. Researching and reading reviews is important to find the best model that fits your specific requirements and preferences.

3) Can a prismatic red dot sight be used with night vision devices?

Yes, some prismatic red dot sights are compatible with night vision devices (NVDs). These sights often have multiple brightness settings, allowing you to adjust the reticle intensity for optimal use with night vision. However, checking the sight specifications to ensure compatibility with your specific night vision equipment is essential.


We hope this post has been informative and you can now make an informed buying decision. Whether you are buying your first prismatic red dot sight or looking to upgrade your older unit, all the models listed above offer the features essential for turning your next outdoor excursion into a success. Use this guide to find the unit that works best for you.


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