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Best Scope Base for CZ 457

Area 419 CZ457 Improved Scope Rail

If you want to buy the best scope base for CZ 457, we will help you narrow your search. 

Due to its simple, quick, and reliable operation, the CZ 457 series provides phenomenal user comfort even with a mounted riflescope. It has a push-to-fire safety on the receiver’s right side, a striker status indicator, and an independent bolt extractor control for ultimate safety.

This rimfire rifle is pretty accurate. A scope base comes in handy to take this accuracy a notch higher. No matter how accurate your scope is, it is useless if your mounts are defective, unstable, or not made for your rifle or shooting style.

That’s why having a base compatible with the CZ 457 is crucial. With the many options available, picking the right one can be tricky. Worry not.

3 Best Scope Base for CZ 457

We have compiled the best three scope bases for the CZ 457. They are:

1) Area 419 CZ457 Improved Scope Rail

Area 419 CZ457 Improved Scope Rail

T7075 aluminum is used to construct the Area 419 CZ457 Improved scope rail for reliable durability. The finish is a type III hard coat anodized coating that fortifies durability. It is designed to slip onto the dovetail before being clamped down. Security and repeatability are provided by the clamping system on the rail, which locks down with a constant force along the whole length of the rail.

A permanently built bubble level is integrated into the rail. This ensures a level rifle platform at all times. The material is fanned out for the best viewing when prone with little movement. Better yet, it includes an increased length to better eye relief.

Due to cutting-edge technology, the MOA angle of the base is guaranteed to be accurate.

This base is a little taller than the common set-screw types, but if you use lower-height rings or mounts, you should maintain a decent cheek weld and an equal over-bore height without using a riser.

The rail has a 30 MOA cant, designed for people pushing their rifles to 300 yards or more. Additionally, it comes with a 15 MOA configuration. You can advance your optic by moving the space added to the front of the rail.


  • Hardcoat anodized finish
  • In-built bubble level
  • Optimal eye relief
  • Available in 15 MOA and 30 MOA
  • Aluminum build
  • Recoil lug provides additional security
  • Matte black exterior


  • Mounting hardware is included
  • Superior build quality
  • Extended length rail


  • None



2) Evolution Gun Works HD CZ 457 11mm Picatinny Rail

Evolution Gun Works HD CZ 457 11mm Picatinny Rail

The EGW Picatinny-Style Base has mounting hardware and is made of premium aluminum. The aluminum makes it a robust model and helps withstand recoil. Besides, it ensures lightweight performance. The rail’s multiple slots give it a unique feel, allowing users to choose where to mount their scope. With this mount, the shooter has versatility when mounting scope rings and other accessories thanks to the Picatinny cross slot that has been machined through the entire length of the rail.

The base has a matte black coating. There are several options present. Users have the option of the 0 MOA or 20 MOA version. The rail is ambidextrous so that left-handed users won’t experience any difficulty.

This rail epitomizes reliability. This EGW Picatinny will fulfill your demands for a straightforward unit and make you a happy hunter.

The integrated recoil lug provides the optimum bearing surface to prevent recoil-related movement. The Picatinny-style base enables mounting various accessories, such as bipods or night vision equipment, and optical sights with a Picatinny receiver rail.


  • Available in 0 MOA and 20 MOA
  • Ambidextrous for more convenience
  • Crafted from a solid block of aluminum
  • Picatinny cross slot
  • Multiple slots for more versatility
  • Matte black finish
  • One-piece design


  • Straightforward design
  • Supports mounting of multiple accessories
  • Includes mounting hardware
  • Lightweight yet rugged materials
  • Allows you to use the weapon’s stock optics when the scope is not attached.


  • The included screws may not fit some variations

3) Talley 30CZRH 22CZRH 30mm Rimfire Rings for CZ 452

Talley 30CZRH 22CZRH 30mm Rimfire Rings for CZ 452

This sturdy scope mounting platform requires no lapping and is ready to use right out of the box because it is fully CNC milled from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum to the tightest tolerances in the industry.

In conventional two-piece designs, this streamlined mounting system eliminates the likelihood of an out-of-alignment interface or a loose connection between the ring and base.

You don’t need to alter your firearm to install these rings; they accept CZ rifles with an 11mm dovetail. Grab a set of these rings for a dependable scope attachment that won’t budge in the face of powerful recoil.


  • CNC milled from high-quality aluminum
  • Compatible with CZ rifles
  • Withstands heavy and powerful recoil
  • Streamlined mounting system
  • No lapping is required


  • Robust and repeatable
  • Lightweight design
  • Remarkable precision
  • Easy to use


  • None


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Criteria for Selecting the Best Scope Base for CZ 457


For lengthy use, you must pay particular attention to the actual materials the product is composed of since the scope bases’ overall endurance greatly depends on this aspect. The most popular materials are steel and aluminum. Aluminum is less resilient than steel. Aluminum is, on the other hand, lighter than steel.


A decent scope ring will meet your requirements. Therefore, a fixed scope mount is a fantastic option because it is simple to secure if you only want to use your scope ring on one rifle. Consequently, if you plan to use it on a variety of rifles, a detachable mount would be a wise choice.

Ease of use

Before you purchase a scope base, pick one that is simple to use because not all scope bases are created equally. It won’t be much use if the unit is very complex or doesn’t come with detailed instructions. While some models require hours of troubleshooting to understand how they operate, others are easy enough for beginners to use.


Another important factor to have in mind is adjustability. The scope mount should be constructed to allow for the adjustment of the scope ring. This enables you to create a customized fit.


A decent scope base does the necessary without the extraneous features, even though you generally get what you pay for. Choose a product that is within your price range and has most of the required features.

Types of Scope Rings and Mounts

Weaver-style mounts

The majority of scope mounting systems are like this. They use a flat base that is 7/8 inches wide and has crosswise recoil slots carved into them. One feature that strikes it is the ability to remove the scope without taking the weaver mounting system off your gun. You can, therefore, quickly switch between firearms.

Picatinny mounts

These mounts are elegantly crafted. They resemble weaver mount styles in terms of features. However, there is one notable distinction since the picketing base slot is larger than the weaver ring slots. Weaver bases are compatible with these mounts.

Dovetail rings and mounts

Each ring has a wedge-shaped cutout along the bottom that fits into the groove on the top of the gun. The weapon’s groove gives the dovetail rings’ claws a surface to grip to connect the scope securely. You can spin the scope 90 degrees with this mount.

Leupold-style bases

These mounting systems are the most dependable and trouble-free due to their durable and stylish steel construction. The Leupold mounting system is more challenging to remove from the rifle than the Weaver-style mounting system.


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FAQs on the Best Scope Base for CZ 457

1) What is the benefit of a 20 MOA rail?

Thanks to the scope mount’s 20 MOA downward cant, you can zero your firearm at a farther distance. Typically, it is best to zero a rifle with a 20 MOA rail at a distance of 200 yards. Most of the time, a gun with a 20 MOA rail at 100 yards won’t be able to be zeroed. A 20 MOA mount will point the scope downward at 600 yards.

2) How does MOA work on a scope?

The minute hand on a 360-degree clock face is the MOA or Minute of Angle. Equal to the minutes of an hour, each minute is equal to 1/60th of a degree. When shooting, even a small angle can lead you to miss the target; thus, it’s crucial to fine-tune your MOA to the exact angle or minute.

3) How many inches are needed for a scope rail?

Without using any thread locker, gradually tighten your scope ring screws to the recommended torque poundage of roughly 15 to 18 lbs.

4) Is lapping necessary?

Lapping is essential when using certain scope mount designs for optimum performance. Lapping can help accurately align the scope rings and enhance the amount of surface contact between the ring and scope tube.


With this guide, finding the best scope base for CZ 457 shouldn’t be overwhelming. With the information, making a wise buying decision should be easier. The models elucidated above boast many perks that cannot be found elsewhere.



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