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Are you looking for the best scope alignment tool? We’ve got you covered. We will review the top options to help you make an informed purchase.

Every shooter wants to take their shots with accuracy and precision. The goal is to make accurate, clean shots without worrying about hitting the wrong target or handling stressful scope-level alignment situations.

That’s where a scope alignment tool comes in. This tool helps you obtain optimum accuracy to take a perfect shot. However, the trick is to find the best one for the best results.

Let’s jump into the best scope alignment tools.

5 Best Scope Alignment Tools

1) Wheeler Professional Scope Mounting Kits

Wheeler Professional Scope Mounting Kits

Versatility, reliability, and accuracy are what you get with the Wheeler Professional Scope Mounting Kits. Almost everything required to attach any 1-inch or 30-mm scope effectively is provided. The adjustable barrel clamp level can accommodate even shotgun barrels with the largest diameter.

The barrel clamp level has non-marring pads that ensure no damage is done at the contact points, and the alignment and lapping of the rings ensure optimum surface area contact between the scope tube and rings.

To add convenience, all components are enclosed in a storage case. Accuracy depends on securely fastening components, which the Wheeler F.A.T. Wrench makes simple.


  • Fits one-inch and 30mm rings
  • Solid steel construction
  • Adjustable barrel clamp level
  • Wheeler F.A.T wrench allows easy securing of fasteners
  • Optimal surface area contact between the rings and scope tube


  • Ensures great accuracy
  • Convenient and versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Good value for money


  • It may be hard to read


2) RUB1ZRO Boresighter Kit Precision Alignment Bore Sighter

RUB1ZRO Boresighter Kit Precision Alignment Bore Sighter

For air rifles and shotguns with short ranges, typically less than 100 yards, this Ruzibro bore sighter kit is perfect. It has various arbors and a multi-caliber collimator. If you are a beginner, this kit is a no-brainer. In a blow-moulded case, the bore sighter and various arbors are stored stylishly. The scale-marked box is simple to reposition after usage.

The bore sighter kit aligns the scope’s reticle with the barrel, greatly simplifying sighting. Easily pre-zero without wasting ammo or range time with this great kit.

Adjusting the height of the bracket holding the gun and bore sighter together helps to get the crosshairs in line with the gridline in the collimator.


  • Nickel-plated stainless steel construction
  • Ideal for 100 yards
  • It comes with multiple caliber collimators
  • Well stored in a blow-molded case
  • Adjustable bracket height


  • Perfect for beginners
  • Aligning the scope’s reticle makes sighting much easier
  • Allows you to pre-zero easily
  • Elegantly packaged


  • None


3) Wheeler Scope Mounting Combo Kit

Wheeler Scope Mounting Combo Kit

Everything required for installing and customizing your mount and scope arrangement is included in the Wheeler Scope Mounting Kit Combo Kit. You should be able to mount this kit on any one-inch and thirty-millimeter scope rings. The lapping bars and screwdriver bits are made of steel. The easily separated plastic carrying container holds all of the additional parts.

The barrel clamp level has non-marring pads that ensure no damage is done at the contact points, and the alignment and lapping of the rings ensure optimum surface area contact between the scope tube and rings.

Most other kits only accommodate one of the two sizes of rings; however, this kit has lapping bars and alignment pins for both one-inch and thirty-millimeter rings. That is a huge plus for gun owners with various rings and scopes.


  • Adjustable barrel clamp level
  • Steel-made lapping bars and screwdriver bits
  • Easy securing of the fasteners
  • Components are conveniently housed in a storage case
  • Thread-locking compound and precisely adjusted torque.


  • Perfect for one-inch and thirty-millimeter scope rings
  • Wheeler torque wrench is included
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient design


  • Lapping bar handles are small and difficult to grip.


4) Real Avid Scope Leveling Kit & Precision Scope Level System

Real Avid Scope Leveling Kit & Precision Scope Level System

If getting a precise and accurate shot is pertinent to you, the Real Avid Leveling Kit is a perfect choice. It aids in accurately aligning your scope bubble with the receiver.

This incredible tool’s overall robust design and machining quality are its most outstanding features. It is exquisitely crafted, and the stainless hardware keeps the rust at bay.

Each tool is securely held in place by form-fitting foams in the attractive case that it comes in. This premium scope leveling kit is the best if you’re focused on getting the best possible scope alignment.

Regardless of the firearm or rifle size, the tool makes it simple and easy to level the scope ring screws. The barrel clamp level and the smaller frame of the reference level are its two very simple-to-read levels.

Since the smaller leveller can slide into the larger one, these two can be stored on top of one another. To ensure stability, a magnet is inserted beneath the reference level. Adjusting the barrel clamp diameter can accommodate any rifle, barrel, or shotgun.


  • Stainless steel constitution
  • Includes two levels that are easy to read
  • Magnet-embedded reference level for stability
  • USB rechargeable
  • Perfect for long-range shooting
  • Suitable for rifles with a Picatinny top rail handguard or open barreled bolt action or lever action models.
  • Makes mounting seamless in four easy steps


  • Easy to use
  • Budget-conscious
  • Sturdy and rust-resistant
  • Ideal for newbies and professionals alike


  • Not ideal for rough or curvy surfaces
  • Unsuitable for low-mounted scopes


5) Wheeler Scope Ring Alignment and Lapping Kit Combo

Wheeler Scope Ring Alignment and Lapping Kit Combo

Use the Wheeler Scope Ring Alignment and Lapping Kit Combo to correctly install a scope on a firearm. The alignment bars in this kit allow for precise alignment of both rings and will detect any vertical or horizontal misalignment issues, allowing you to correct the issue before damaging the scope or becoming frustrated at the range. To improve alignment, lessen the strain on the scope, and enhance the grip of the rings on the scope, the rings are lapped with a lapping bar. Also, it acts as a lever to turn the dovetail rings into position. Lapping the rings can reduce or avoid ring marring on the scope.

The short bars indicate this when the front and rear rings are perfectly aligned.


  • Suitable for 30mm and 1-inch scope rings
  • Alignment bars ensure a perfect alignment
  • Solid steel construction
  • Serves as a level to turn dovetail rings into position
  • Reduce ring marring on the scope
  • Detect and correct misaligned scopes


  • Minimize unnecessary stress on the scope
  • Enhances alignment and overall grip
  • Easy to use


  • It can get canted sometimes


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Types of Scope Alignment Tools

Bubble level

You can excel with this kit, which is ideal for various rifle and scope configurations.

Professional leveling kit

You can achieve precise shooting with the best bore alignment possible with the help of this leveling toolset. It can be used with a variety of rifles and is quite adaptable.

Leveling wedge

This unconventional tool is made up of two to three aluminum CNC-machined pieces. a Small or Large “Wedge,” and a right-angle scope Base Plate. On some rifles with a flat top, one-piece scope base, such as Picatinny, this kind of leveling tool works superbly. They are ideal for various hunting or tactical rifles and AR scope setups.

Tools for leveling that are wedge-shaped are quick and simple to use. They can be used without a workbench or gun vise. They are perfect for adjusting the scope in the field or at the range.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Scope Alignment Tool


Before spending any money on a tool for leveling a scope, ensure it is compatible. However, a lot of scope leveling tools work with a variety of rifles; only get one that works with yours. Doing this can prevent spending money and time trying to level or align your scope precisely.


When selecting a leveling tool, this is another factor to be considered. The precision and accuracy of rifle shots are influenced or determined by the accuracy of the scope leveler.  Ensure that you go for the one that is the most accurate. To assess the tool’s accuracy, check the barrel clamp’s and reference levels’ bubbles levels.


Before purchasing a scope alignment tool for our rifle, it is important to evaluate the ideal size. Yet, a leveler of a smaller size might be simpler to transport and store. If the font size is too small, it could be very difficult to see, and too large tools might block your vision. Always purchase the most suitable and practical one for yourself and your firearms.


Because it provides you with the flexibility of adjustment and enables you to use the same alignment tool for various firearms you may own, you must select the most adaptable scope alignment tool available on the market. Instead of purchasing a unique leveling tool for each weapon, you may save money by purchasing a multipurpose leveling tool.


The ideal scope alignment tool must be robust and resistant to wear out or degrade. It must have a long shelf life to serve its function. Tools for leveling scopes made of metal are said to be more resilient than those made of other materials.


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FAQs on the Best Scope Alignment Tool

1) What happens if a scope is not level precisely?

A scope with uneven levels might cause a lot of problems or difficulties. One issue is that the tools won’t perform to their maximum ability, taking precise and accurate shots. You might have a bad experience if a scope leveling tool doesn’t level precisely, and no one wants that. Therefore, for the best leveling and accurate shooting experience, choose the right one for your rifle and carefully follow the installation instructions.

2) Is a professional leveling kit ideal for all scopes?

The professional leveling kit is not compatible with all scopes. They are versatile enough to work on a wider variety of rifle or scopes scenarios even though they are made for a more exact installation. Therefore, to avoid wasting money, time, or frustration, ensure a professional leveling tool kit is compatible with your rifle before purchasing it.


We hope the information above has enlightened you on the various scope tools that are excellent for you. Coupled with the buying guide, selecting the best model should no longer be daunting. Regardless of the shooting activity, you intend to engage in, a scope alignment tool is handy.


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