Steiner Rifle Scopes Review

Steiner Rifle Scopes Review Steiner optics is a brand born out of the aftermath of world war 2. In 1947, the founder, Karl Steiner set out to create optics that were unmatched in functionality, sturdiness, and flawlessness.  Since then, Steiner rifle scopes have become the prize scopes for the military to the security to the professional hunters who value precision and class.  Steiner rifle scopes come with high-end, world-class prisms, coatings, and lenses after going through a comprehensive inspection and testing to give you the best of the best. A Steiner rifle scope gives you the confidence in knowing it

Top 4 Best Binoculars for Long Distance

Best Binoculars for Long Distance Best Binoculars for Long Distance. Spending money on a good high-powered binoculars is an investment you will not regret. The best binoculars for long distance have multiple purposes. With the right binoculars, you can easily watch birds that are far away, gaze at the stars in the sky, spot that elusive cheetah while on a safari, or even sport hunting at a professional level. The binoculars market is however flooded with a wide variety of options, from different sizes to brands.  This guide is to help you make an informed choice on which binoculars to

Top 5 Best Scope for ar-10 for hunting

Best Scope for ar-10 for hunting Best Scope for ar-10 for hunting. For you to take that spectacular shot on your prey, you will need the best scope for ar-10 for hunting. A good scope ensures precision and accuracy that helps you prevent bullet wastage.  These are the best scopes for ar-10 for hunting.    #1) Primary Arms SLX 4-14x44mm            The Primary Arms SLX 4-14x44mm is a very versatile scope. It can be used for very many needs from long-range shooting to tactical shooting. Its versatility and quality features make it one of the best

Vortex Viper Red Dot review

Vortex Viper Red Dot Review In this Vortex Viper Red Dot review,  we focus on the Viper Red dot. It is a highly recommended red dot that comes with glowing reviews from users. This is not a surprise as it is a product from Vortex Optics, which has made quite a good name for itself in the optics industry. It is an extremely versatile red dot sight that offers quality performance in a lightweight package.   Vortex Optics Viper Red Dot Sight       Its really low profile is one of the reasons why the Viper red dot is

Best High End Spotting Scope

Best High End Spotting Scope Spotting scopes are some of the best tools you will invest your money on. They can be used for wildlife spotting, bird watching or even observing the sky at night. With these activities, you are taking time to marvel at the wonders of nature. You want the images you are viewing to be brought closer for better clarity and this is the reason why you need to invest in the best high end spotting scope in the market. A spotting scope isn’t limited to just observing nature, if you are an avid sporting fan, you

Top 5 Best Scope for Mountain Hunting

Best Mountain Hunting Scope-Top Rated Hunting Scopes Hunting in the mountains is a demanding activity that requires you to be in great physical condition. Hiking to the hunting location in the mountains, actually taking down your prey, and coming back down is not an easy feat. This is the reason why you need to invest in the best scope for mountain hunting. This activity typically takes hours and you need to invest in a scope that is: a) Lightweight b) Compact The reason for this is, it is important to ‘travel light’ when mountain hunting. It is a strenuous activity

5 Best Nightforce Scope For ar-10

Best Nightforce Scope For AR1-10 Nightforce scopes are military standard scopes that offer a lot more than an average scope. They are high-quality scopes, with exceptional design and come with many innovative features. Mounting a Nightforce scope on your AR-10 makes an extraordinary combination as both the scope and the rifle are ideal for long-range shooting. This is why the best Nightforce scope for ar-10 is worth your every penny. Nightforce scopes are ideal for long-range shooting and tactical shooting. They ensure your precision and accuracy are always on point. The AR-10 is a powerful weapon and a Nightforce scope

5 Best Leupold Scope for Hunting- [ A Comprehensive Guide]

Best Leupold Scope for Hunting Leupold optics is a brand well known for being a pioneer in the optics realm. Their scopes come with the latest technology that delivers exceptional accuracy and excellent performance. Leupold optics have many ‘firsts’ from producing nitrogen purged lenses to being the first company to make military standard rifle scopes. The best Leupold scope for hunting is a scope that comes with great quality glass and excellent accuracy, the target’s distance notwithstanding.  A Leupold scope is the difference between missing your target and hitting your trophy. It is what makes hunting a fun experience. A

5 Best Night Vision Scopes for Hog Hunting

Best Night Vision Scopes for Hunting Hog Much like coyotes, hogs are nocturnal which means they only come out to look for food at night. Hog hunting has become really popular as there is an increasing need to control their rapidly growing population. If this is something you want to do, you will need to invest in the best night vision scopes for hog hunting. Hunting at night is not an easy task, especially hunting hogs. They are easily spooked and visibility is really limited which means locating them is twice as hard.  For a successful night hunt, you can

6 Best Night Vision Scopes for Coyote Hunting

Best Night Vision Scopes for Hunting Coyote Generally, coyotes are nocturnal animals. You will find them roaming around at night looking for a day’s meal. Rarely will you see them walking around during the day. Hunting enthusiasts understand the need of getting yourself one of the best night vision scopes for coyote hunting on the market. Hunting has one rule if you can’t see you can’t shoot, it’s that simple.  Night vision scopes help in enhancing your vision in low lighting conditions and getting the best one means having a successful hunting night. Night vision scopes have come a long